Monthly goals

August goals

Hii! Where the hell has the last month gone?! This year seems to be flying by, and here i am again with another goals post!

Did i achieve any of the goals set in July?..

Blog goals: You know what?! I haven’t actually done too bad with the blog goals i set last month. The first was to get organised and schedule and though i didn’t exactly get organised as much as i would’ve liked to i didn’t do too bad. The second was to carry on spreading the blog love by carrying on with my weekly blog posts i loved this week posts and generally commenting more on the posts i read. With the commenting on posts, i want to write genuine comments, not the ‘aww amazing post’ and my links. The third was to start promoting my blog, which i did start doing and i definitely saw improvement in terms of views and engagement and then i just totally forgot about it and i can tell that my blogs suffered a little from this, so i totally need to get back on it!

Personal goals: All i can say is I’ve done the total opposite with my personal goals and I’ve not really achieved much. My first was to stop giving a fuck what other people think, which i have actually kinda started to do, i’m definitely better with this one than i was a month ago so that’s some sort of achievement there. The second was to start saving… I did put a tiny bit away, for me to spend it on a few bills that popped up, so that kind of didn’t go too well. The third was to get my life sorted! Well, I’ve still not moved house (which is actually really frustrating) and that was kind of the main  focus to start afresh and get sorted, so it’s kind of a waiting game until i move to sort my shitty life out.. Though saying that i have been a lot happier in the past week or so which is a great plus 🙂


Blog goals:

Try and post 3/4 times a week This time i really want to start sticking to a schedule, i know i’ve been saying this every month and it’s not really gone anywhere but i am so determined as i love posting and i have a lot of spare time so i can actually make this happen, i don’t think i’ll have specific days that i post but i am determined to post more frequently.

Promote!! Last month when i did promote i saw a huge rise in engagement and views and i didn’t feel as bad as i thought i would promoting. I’m gonna create a spreadsheet or something and kinda time when i can promote so i won’t bug everyone too much and hopefully i’ll stick to it this time.

Get a blog header and button sorted!! I was meant to do this last week and still haven’t got round to doing it, so this month i’ll be contacting people and will hopefully have one sorted this time next month. So if you have any suggestions as to who does headers and buttons (and the code thingy as well) then let me know 🙂

Personal goals:

Start being healthier / working out I say this to myself every month and don’t actually do anything, so hopefully writing this will give me a lil kick up my arse and i’ll start doing something. I don’t have an end goal in mind, i just know that i want to just get a bit fitter.

Stop being so nice So i don’t want to not be nice at all, i think i’m just overly nice and overly polite and sometimes that can be a bad thing. I never stick up for myself when i need to just for the fact that i may hurt someone else’s feelings even if they are being total c’s. So i’m not going to change my whole personality, i just need to stop being so nice when i don’t really need to be.

Save! Yes, this one again! I did do alright except from the unexpected bills thing, and come September i usually start buying for Christmas, so i definitely need to start saving asap.

And there’s my goals for this month. I am really determined to stick to these and hopefully my newly found motivation will help.

Do you have any goals for August? Let me know 🙂

Kirsty x


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