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NailBox July

Hii! So last month i finally managed to subscribe to the NailBox. I’ve been wanting to get this box for a while as i never go to have my nails done professionally so i like to get new polishes etc quite often.

So, the NailBox is a monthly subscription box that features at least 3 different nail polishes and 2 tools (so they’ll always be five items) and the nail polishes are always different every month, so no repeats.


NailBerry Nail Balm

Firstly this smells so so good (anything that smells of coconut i fall in love with). I’m not too sure what nail balm does, i presume you kinda massage it in to your nails and cuticles and it will make them all nice and soft (i think).. I will try this out over the next few weeks because my cuticles suck so i’ll be able to see if it works at all.

True Brit Nail Enamel: The Summer House 

I was so excited to receive one of the true brit nail enamels, I’ve been wanting one for a while and I received the colour ‘The summer house’ which is like a gold tan shade and it looks so pretty.

Angelica nail colour: Snow white

I’ve been after a new white nail polish for a while so how super lucky is this?! Also, how have i not heard of this brand before?! They are super cheap and I’ve just seen some scented pastel ones on the site!!!

NailsInc Gel effect: Soho place

I’m just in love with the colour of this polish! I really like NailsInc polishes and I’ve yet to try one of their Gel effect ones so i’m excited to try this one out!

Brush Works toe separators

I also received a sample of the JamBerry Nail wraps which i’m excited to try out after reading imogen’s post on them!

I think NailBox is a really good way to find new nail colours and brands and if you’re like me and are really indecisive when it comes to choosing colours etc then it’s really helpful as well..

The box is £15 per month (and you always get a lot lot for your money) and you can subscribe >here<

Have you heard of / subscribed to NailBox? What are your thoughts?

Kirsty x


4 thoughts on “NailBox July

  1. my dream is to be able to afford a sub box… :’) I have no nails so I’d have to go for a beauty one, though. The nail box seems like a good idea for those who are just starting out or are really indecisive (ie me)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s a lot of beauty ones out there as well which makes choosing a lot harder 😩
      It’s a really good box for that reason alone haha, I’m also really indecisive 🙈
      Kirsty x


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