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Catch up 

Hii! So i haven’t blogged in a little while and i thought i’d do a rambley catch up type post, which i really love to write because i can just get all my thoughts out in one place and have a good rant (well, kind of rant) and give you all an update as to what’s happening with me 😀

Basically i have FINALLY figured out the reason why i’m so shitty with scheduling and sticking to writing on certain days etc, and it’s all because that’s not what i started blogging for at all. I started blogging just as an out let for me, i was going through a rough time as you now know and blogging was an escape from that. I could sit down with my laptop or phone, get away from all the shit and just write about things i liked.

Lately it’s all been about numbers for me, a few months ago i wouldn’t of gave a shit how many views i had and i don’t actually think i even looked to see if anyone was reading, because to be quite frank i couldn’t care. Now I’ve turned into this weird version of myself where i feel like i have to post so many times a week, i have to promote and make people read. That’s not what i want to do really though. I want to go back to just having fun with my blog and not making it about that.

I do get why lots of people want that, i really do, but for me it’s turned from something fun to something i feel like i ‘have’ to do and it’s really made me begrudge my blog and I’ve kinda just been half-arsing it.

So from now on, it’s back to the whole just doing my blog for me and if people like reading it then that’s just an added bonus. I would still love to be able to make friends through blogging and meet other bloggers, and yeh i suppose a tiny bit of me still wants a few views. But i’m not going to let it bother me as much anymore.

There’ll be no schedule (possibly a bit of shameless promotion), just ‘hey, I’ve bought such and such, this is what it does and why i love it’ and ‘I’ve just read this amazing book, these are my thoughts’. I still definitely want to carry on doing the ‘blog posts i loved this week’ series as i still read blogs everyday and i think this is one of my greatest ideas really.


Things have definitely been tough since May, i want to start writing about domestic violence more and have another catch up type thing of what’s going on with me now. This is a huge topic that, yes, is starting to be talked about but i really do think it should be talked about more (unless i’m just totally looking in the wrong place). I know i won’t make a dramatic difference, but if talking about my experiences can help even one person in the tiniest way then that would be really amazing.

So, keep your eyes peeled for the catch up which i hope to publish next month as a kind of 3 month updatey kind of thing.

I really do hope you’ll still catch up with xoxokiki, i’m not going anywhere, it’s just posts will be more random in terms of uploading and hopefully i’ll sound a lot more chirpier as well 🙂

Kirsty x


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