Hii! So the other week (not last Saturday, the Saturday before, i think) i managed to get an invite to the East Mids meet up. I was super excited as it was a chance to meet other bloggers from my kind of area and with it being my first ‘proper’ blogger event, that made it even more exciting.


Imogen from penchants and prejudice also got an invite so we traveled there and back together. Obviously food was first on the agenda so we headed over to Whipee Gelato! i got an Italian paninni which wasn’t too bad to say i’m a really fussy eater. Then i got either a strawberry cheesecake or crumble type ice cream (why can’t i remember?!) and OH MY this was so bloody delicious.

On to the main event, which was held at Manhattan 34.

Liz from Rothley wine estate was there to kindly greet everyone with a drink (though i did kindly decline and headed straight to the bar to grab a cocktail) .

An ice breaker was also organised. So we all had to give a random fact about ourselves and when we got to the venue we were given someone else’s fact and we had to go and find that person. It was harder than you’d think trying to find whose fact you had, but such a great way to get round to chatting to everyone.

So.. Cocktails! To start off we had a pornstar martini, i’d never had one of these before but it was so yummy and i kind of downed in within 10 minutes (oops!) Later on we opted for a lemon meringue martini… It looks hella good but it was just waay to lemony for me, and i also accidentally spilt half of this down my leg (super classy aint i haha).

Danique Hair were there to style people’s hair and also were very generously giving out vouchers to use at their salon! Angel Eyes were also on hand to do people’s eyelashes, though i wasn’t really prepared to take off my mascara, but the bloggers who did have their lashes done looked amazing! And Bru were providing the most gorgeous looking/smelling cakes ever.

Throughout the event we had Gabby from Cool as Leicester PR talk us through some do’s and don’ts and just give general advice from a PR’s point of view, all of which was super helpful. And then Blogsphere Magazine gave a talk about how the magazine came about, how you could get featured, general advice and about up an coming events. They were also set up all through the event so you could go and have a chat with them.

Towards the end of the event there was a raffle to raise money for Bowel cancer UK and Rainbows hospice. There were loads of really good prizes and i ACTUALLY WON TWO! I was super surprised as i never win anything (not even those £1 scratch cards) and i chose a set of Night and day snail moisturiser and this cute little ceramic tray thing (i have no clue what it’s called) and an adorable mirror.

Lastly… The goody bag! I wasn’t expecting a goody bag to start with… but to get two chocca filled bags was amazing. The girls did brilliantly with organising these for everyone and i am really thankful.

So we received the cutest mason jar, wooden love is sign and glass heart tea light all from Matalan! A cute little pencil from busy bee stationery, coconut water and coconut oil from Vita Coco, Green tea, Love Hearts hand wash from carex, some Melting cleansing balm from Merumaya, daily primer & clearing serum from witch skincare, the honey i washed the kids soap from Lush, Eye pencil (in green) from No7, Eyebrow kit from Covershoot cosmetics and the most amazing eye makeup brushes from LAB2beauty!

Again, i just want to say a huge thanks to Emmie from Carpe die emmie, Kirsty from Kirsty Ralph, Kirstie from Behind the Scent and Lianne from The Brunette Says who organised the event! They all did such an amazing job.

As i’m a bit late with writing this post i thought i would link some posts of the event that I’ve been reading:

Sophie from Sophie’s Notebook

Kirstie from Behind the Scent

Becca from Rebecca Jayne

Imogen from Penchants and prejudice

Kirsty x


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