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Little known box : August

Hii! Yesterday i received my Little Known Box and i loved this one that much that i thought i’d do a post straight away!

What’s in Augusts box?!

Bardou Immaculate Spray Dry Shampoo (worth £12)

I hadn’t heard of Bardou before but i’ve just had a quick browse through their site and they do a booster brow and booster lip product which i’m gonna check out more, plus loads of other hair products! Anywho, this is packed with keratin so it’s meant to nourish your hair. I used some of this this morning and my hair went from a greasy mess to super soft straight away! Also, unlike a lot of other dry shampoos it doesn’t leave like a white powdery residue that’s usually a pain to rub in. I’m thinking that this may be a new favourite.

Fairypants Vegan Peach Belini Lip Balm (worth £3.99)

I’ve never heard of this company either but how cool is the name?!  Fairypants is a UK based business that designs and makes vegan and cruelty free cosmetics, skincare, jewellery and accessories. With the lip balms they have over 20 different flavours based on treats and drinks. I received the peach Bellini flavour balm and firstly this smells delicious! The texture (to me anyway) feels a bit odd when getting it out the pot. Once you put it on your lips though it’s the usual balm texture. I can’t seem to taste anything though which was slightly disappointing, but it definitely does the job in making your lips soft.

Amygdala Beauty Solid Fragrance – Tonka Bean (worth £8)

I’m a big fan of solid fragrances ever since being introduced to them in lush a while ago, so i was excited to see that there was one in this months box! So basically with solid perfumes (if you didn’t already know) you just take it out with your finger (like you’d do with a lip balm) and rub it on where you would usually put your perfume. The other solid perfumes i have seem to last all day so i’m curious to see how this one fairs out. I got the tonka bean fragrance (i have no clue what one of those is though?!) but to me it smells quite coconuty which is a huge plus as i love anything that smells slightly of coconut! (I’ve just looked on the site and it says that this will last for 2-4 hours).

PHB Ethical Beauty Natural & Organic Black Eyeliner (worth £8.95)

I loved the organic mascara that was in last months box, so was happy to see that there was an organic eyeliner pencil in this months! Oh my ITS SO CREAMY… it’s one of those where it looks dead sharp and like you’ll have to warm it up before it goes on smoothly but i was majorly surprised to see how good it goes on! Also, it’s long lasting and smudge proof… It has almond oil & vitamin E, is suitable for sensitive eyes and is vegan, cruelty free and halal.

GlitterEyes Pressed Glitter – Ginger Spice (worth £5.99)

And lastly the most exciting thing in the box!!! Like a few other people I’ve had my eye on these for a while but had no clue what colour to get first! I received Ginger Spice which is a deep bronze and is so so pretty (who doesn’t love glitter eh?!) This colour enhances black, gold and brown shadows which is perfect as they’re usually my go-to colours! I’ll be trying this out over the weekend (nowhere fancy like, just around the house ha) and i’m going to scour the website later and see which ones i’ll be choosing next (i may be brave and get one of the lip glitters!)

What do you think of this months Little Known Box? Have you subscribed or would you? Let me know 😀

Kirsty x

P.s  if you do want to subscribe you can do so >here<

You can also see what was in July’s box >here<

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