Monthly goals

Monthly goals: September 

Hii! I’m a tad late with this months goals, but hey ho here i am with a fresh set of goals for this month!

Did i achieve any of the goals set in August??..

Blog goals: No, no and kinda. So my goals for last month were to post 3/4 times a week, promote and get a blog header and button sorted out. If you didn’t read my catch up the other week, then basically it kinda contradicted my goals as i totally want to go back to blogging just being a fun outlet and not being super strict with it any more. So that’s why i didn’t really achieve the first two. With getting a blog header and button, i’m too poor at the minute to get anyone else to make one for me (i will definitely be wanting one in the new year though) so i made one of my own just to last for now, and to be fair it’s not too bad to say i’m not creative in the slightest.

Personal goals: Start being healthier and workout… No. Save… No. Stop being so nice… kind of. It’s autumn, so i think i set the whole start being healthier a tad too late as all i’m thinking about is chocolate, so i’m maybe gonna save that one until spring. With the saving i really really do need to start to, i just need a kick up the bum. I’ve not really needed to not be nice so far, so there goes that goal haha.


Blog goals:

Have fun with it  Like i said in my last ‘catch up’ post, i want to get back to blogging just being an outlet for me, when i’ve bought something new and want to show it off or when i’ve read a great book and want to tell people about it. I don’t want to become weighed down by my blog again when for me it’s mainly just a hobby.

Interact  I’ve kinda stopped commenting on posts and joining in with twitter chats (i have no idea why) but i really want to start interacting with other bloggers again. I’ve took note of a few chats that i’m gonna try and join in with and i’m going to start the whole commenting on every post i read and just generally interacting again.

Makeover, maybe I just made myself a temporary header to last until i can afford for someone to make me one, so i’m thinking of having a temporary switch around. I’m not too sure on this one, so it’s a maybe goal and i’ll see what happens during the month.

Personal goals:

Stop overthinking constantly Love a hard goal don’t I?! I tend to overthink everything all the time from conversations i have to writing posts that always end up in my drafts to dreams i have. I’m always analyzing every inch of them and to be honest it drives me crazy and i need to stop.

Start for Christmas Yes, i’m aware it’s only September, but last year was a manic rush around at the last minute and i really don’t want that stress again, so every week i’m going to pick up at least one thing and hopefully everything will be a lot less stressful.

Be happy To be honest, my life isn’t too bad at the minute and i’m slowly getting into a ‘good place’. I’ve been through so much this year and these last few months of the year will hopefully be ones where i get to know myself more and will figure out what i want to do with my life and how i’m going to get there.

I  actually think for once most of these are reasonable goals and i’m going to try my hardest this time to smash them.

Have you set any goals for September? If so i’d love to know!

Kirsty x


3 thoughts on “Monthly goals: September 

  1. These are goals that I think you will work to X your doing great! These past couple of months have been hard but you are working towards the light at the end of the tunnel and you will get there! When I see you you are a lot stronger and more focused 😘 Xx


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