Scent circus : Quirky wax melts!

Hii! Just as i thought i couldn’t get any more obsessed with wax melts than i already am, i was proven wrong! Whilst just browsing through twitter as you do, i came across scent circus… Out of curiosity i clicked on their site.. AND I WANTED EVERYTHING! (You’ll totally understand why when you see the pictures of the few bits that i did buy)

All wax melts are handmade, 100% cruelty free and 100% eco-friendly!


To start with the wax melts are so cutely packaged. You receive a free little dolly bag… well not too little, as all the above wax melts fit perfectly inside. Also all this amazing confetti!!!! (I’m a huge sucker for confetti and glitter).img_1537

Aaaargh poop shaped wax melts, how awesome are these! The pink ones are Flamingo poop and the Purple/green ones are mermaid poop. And an amazing plus is they’re only £1 (for a pack of 2). Ooo yeah, forgot to mention the scent… so the Flamingo poop is a concoction of candy floss, vanilla and marshmallows and the mermaid poop is a mixture of melon, coconut and pineapple.img_1533

If you didn’t know.. I am OBSESSED with anything unicorn…. So i got the So Horny melt which is sugared pear, juicy peach and lush apples (kinda like the pear drop sweets!) and obviously unicorn poop! Which has a jelly bean scent and smells bloody delicious! img_1535

BISCUITS! Ok, as obsessed as i am with poop, i see a biscuit and i have to have it! I picked up the You sexy fig melt (the one shaped like a jammy dodger) and the Damson in distress (the bourbon shaped one).. So the You sexy fig is A scent cocktail of exotic fresh fig, pomegranate and fruity blackcurrant and Damson in distress is toasted almond and damson plum.

So, if you’re looking for quirky but gorgeous smelling wax melts (that are also super super affordable for how cute they are) then go and have a look at Scent Circus!

They also (i noticed) do boxes every so often! Though as i noticed this they were sold out 😦 So i’m gonna have to keep a close eye as to when they release another one! Oooo and upon just browsing the site again, they’ve released a couple of autumn themed melts too!

Kirsty x


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