Book review: Local girl missing by Claire Douglas

I am on a role with reading lately! Before this book i’d just finished reading both ‘The life changing magic of tidying’ and ‘The life changing magic of not giving a f**k’… Both of which were amazingly helpful but i kinda felt like there were way to many reviews on both for me to write yet another one just saying how good they are.

So, my mum lent me Local Girl Missing the other month and i finally got around to reading it!

On the back:

Twenty years ago

Twenty-one-year-old Sophie collier vanishes one night. She leaves nothing behind but a trainer on the old pier – and a hole in the heart of her best friend Francesca.


A body’s been found. And Francesca is drawn back to the seaside town she’s tried to forget. Perhaps the truth of what happened to Sophie will finally come out. Yet Francesca is beginning to wish she hadn’t returned.

The people she remembers have become strangers. And everybody seems to have something to hide. What are they not telling her – and why?

Someone knows the truth about that night twenty years ago. But finding out could cost Francesca everything she holds dear: her family, her sanity and even her life…

My thoughts:

 I’ll be totally honest, my first thought was ‘why can’t i ever guess ‘who done it’?!’ Either authors are getting super good or i’m just getting even worse with judging characters and fitting all the pieces together.

So, Local girl missing is told from Frankie’s view (in the present) and Sophie’s view (via diary entries).

Frankie was Sophie’s best friend when she went missing.. twenty years later, she’s helping run her dads hotels, she is in a new relationship which she doesn’t really feel is going anywhere. You find out that when she was younger she did really love to be the centre of attention and hated when things didn’t go her way. Whilst spending time with Daniel (Sophie’s brother) she starts falling for him (he liked her when they were younger, but she didn’t really reciprocate those feelings). She also starts going slightly insane, she has mysterious messages left at her door and she starts seeing Sophie’s ghost throughout the story as well. There were moments when i felt empathetic towards Frankie, and other times i thought she just needed a slap.

Sophie is the girl who went missing.. I will say I love how her pov is in the form of diary entries. I seemed to warm up to her character more, i’m not sure whether that was because she was the girl who went ‘missing’ or just because she seemed so vulnerable. She was so unsure of herself and always tried to put Frankie’s feelings at the forefront when she really shouldn’t of done.

This book was so bloody gripping and i managed to finish reading it over the weekend, which is a huge achievement for me as it usually takes me at the very least a few days.

Clare Douglas has a previous novel ‘The Sisters’ which i haven’t read, so i’ve just ordered a copy from amazon and am super excited for when that arrives. Also, she has a new novel coming out in summer 2017, no idea what it’s called, but i read an extract and it sounds good already, so i’m looking forward to that too!

My reviews never seem to make much sense, I do try and give as much of my opinion as I can without giving spoilers (I don’t know about you, but I hate spoilers!) my descriptive skills are crap, but hey ho, I love books so I’m gonna keep doing these ‘reviews’ anyway haha.

Kirsty x


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