Monthly goals

October goals!!

Why is this year going so bloody fast?!! Here i am again with another set of monthly goals!

Did i achieve any of the goals set in September?

Blog goals: 

I actually set some quite simple blog goals last month, so why haven’t i really achieved many?! So my goals were to just ‘have fun with it’, start blogging when i wanted to and not make myself stick to a schedule. I’ve pretty much done that this past month and it’s make me feel a lot better about my blog in general as i see it as a hobby again and not a chore. Next was to interact more, so comment and join in twitter chats every so often… This one was a total fail, i’ve been so tired for unknown reasons and i haven’t had much energy for anything lately. Lastly was to have a little blog makeover.. Again, i’ve been lazy as fuck and i think a blog makeover is quite a big something, so i’m saving up for a new template/design and also my headers and buttons, so hopefully come new year this can actually happen!

Personal goals: 

Not done too bad with Septembers personal goals.. My first was to stop overthinking everything, which has really been hard to do as i always do this.. But i’m getting there, i’m definitely not as bad as i was this time last month, i’ll say that for certain.. I haven’t completely stopped, but i’m definitely heading in the right direction. Next was to start for christmas… No.I haven’t started yet. I’ve had every intention to start, but with me (hopefully) moving house this month, presents will just be in the way and i have nowhere to store them etc. And lastly was to be happy! I’ve had more happy moments over the last month than i had been having, but with everything that’s happened this year and my anxiety, i’ve obviously had my ‘curl up in a ball and cry and stress’ moments, though less than usual.


Blog goals:

Interact Yes, the same goal as last month i know, but this is totally something i want to start doing again and after going to an event last week and just meeting up with bloggers and chatting etc it’s really motivated me to start interacting online again.

Create a loose schedule This one totally contradicts my goal set last month, but hey, I need to have some organisation somewhere, I love to organise, so even if it’s just a loose schedule of ideas i already have that i want to post about but haven’t got around to, that’s a start at least eh?!

Change of direction I totally want to start writing more personal posts but also posts about things that are close to my heart in a way.. I want to research more into domestic violence and write a couple of posts on that topic and perhaps some ‘tips’ posts as well.. Rather than just the usual ‘reviews’ (Although absolutely nothing is wrong with a good review, i love writing them and i’ll always continue to do so).

Bonus goal* Try and write at least 3 times a week… This is a ‘I’m gonna try and do this, but if not i don’t really mind’ kind of goal.. especially with me wanting to write more helpful and personal posts, i think 3 times a week is a good posting goal.

Personal goals:

Move house This is not dependent upon me, but when they actually manage to sort out all the repairs and decide to give me the keys. As of now, i should have them some point this week, but they’ve been behind schedule for a while now, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed, as i totally need this fresh start.

Start an online course I soo need to do something worthwhile during the day as i’m always so bored and work kind of isn’t an option at the moment (although god knows i would love to be back at work). Anywho, something with relation to the blog or just something that would work towards a career when the time comes for me to go back to work.

Treat myself to flowers once a week This is such a small, weird ‘goal’ to have, but twice last month i treated myself to a small bunch and weird to say but it resulted in me being in an uplifting mood just having a bouquet in the house…. Or i could treat myself to a candle every week… I’ll have to decide over this one!

Kirsty x



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