Monthly goals

Monthly goals: November

So here comes another month and therefore another set of goals! Over the past few months i’ve seemed to set goals and not really accomplished any.. Well this month is the month i’m going to start afresh as i’ve somehow got tons of motivation from somewhere.

Did i achieve any of the goals set in October?

Blog goals:

So, we probably all know that i didn’t actually acheive any of Octobers goals 😦 Which were to interact more, create a loosly based schedule and write more on different topics. And to make it harder for myself i added a bonus goal of writing 3 times per week (why do i do this to myself haha). I was in the process of moving house for the majority of October so blogging kinda took a back seat last month and i just didn’t get the acheive what i’d set out to acheive.

Personal goals:

Two out of three ain’t that bad eh?!  Which were to move house and treat myself to flowers once a week (no one else is buying me them and they’re much healthier than chocolate). The only one i didn’t manage to acheive was to start an online course.. Mainly because i am poor af and with it being this close to christmas i have loads of presents to buy and no cash to spare.

Blog goals

Engage with other bloggers more I always set this goal every month, but i really do want to start talking to other bloggers and kind of making blogger friends etc. I will be starting my ‘blog posts i loved this week’ weekly post because i’m getting into reading blogs more again, i’ve wrote a list of twitter chats to get stuck into, and once again i’ll be trying to comment on as many posts that i read as i can.

Write more than one post per week I have wrote a loose schedule for the rest of the year so i am sure i will be able to acheive this one! I’ve missed writing so much, and now i’m not as busy as i have been i’m just looking forward to writing again.

Try and pre-plan So for the rest of this year i’ve made a make-shift diary to plan out future posts and write down all my ideas, which i think will be a major help. And hopfuly during the month i am on the look out for a cute 2017 planner (be it a normal one or a blogger one).

Personal goals

Get a bit more into photography I really love tasking photos, though currently i am using my iphone whilst my lovely DLSR has just been sitting in it’s bag for a while and i really want a new camera but can’t justify it at the moment, so the camera is coming out it’s little hiding place and i’m really gonna try and get into photography (I may even look out for a course of some sort).

Find something to do with myself The boys are back in school and Sophie will be starting nursery in the new year, so i really need to find something to occupy my days with, whether i’m able to find a course to go on or even a part time job, i just need to do something that’s not sat on my bum in my house on my lonesome.

Do at least one thing out of my comfort zone This is the tricky one, but i really do want to gain more confidence and i think that doing just one thing that’s out of my comfort zone, such as talking to someone new or even going somewhere on my own i’ve never been before, would totally help with this.

November really feels like it’s going to be a month where i could potentially acheive all my goals, especially with all this random motivation that’s come out of nowhere.

Do you have any goals for November?? Let me know 😀

Kirsty x


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