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Blog posts I loved this week #7

Hii! So I haven’t done one of these posts in quite a while, though I still have been reading blog posts like usual, so  I thought I’d get back on track and every Sunday share with you the posts I’ve been loving during the week!

I usually whittle the posts I’ve liked down to around 6-8, but I’ve worked out that that’s hard for me to do, so instead you’ll get the full list of posts I’ve read and liked 🙂



6 Problems with wearing glasses –

5 little twists to add to your day for maximum productivity –

You are enough –

How to banish the cold weather blues –

29 simple ways to practice self love every day –

10 things every social media stalker loves –

Creating a bedroom that’s minimal yet cosy –

On body confidence –

8 things nobody tells you about anti-depressants –

14 things every insecure person can relate to –


Blogmas and Christmas blog ideas for December –

40 blogmas ideas –

The bloggers tag –

Instantly improve your photography –

8 reasons why I love blogging –

How to improve your twitter interaction –


Gingerbread Cheesecake –

Nutella and ground almond brownies –

Easy dark chocolate mug cake –

Chocolate hazelnut crunch truffles –

Easy, three-ingredient white chocolate macarons –


Setting powders – The good, the bad and the ugly –

The ‘tired’ beauty essentials –

Korean skincare mini-haul –

4 tips for stressed skin –

Top berry lip picks –

The concealer showdown –

Two affordable palettes I’ve been loving recently –

Winter beauty essentials –


How to wear a midi pleated skirt –

Two shades of grey –

Distressed and fluffy –


How not to teach your kids about the birds and the bees –


DIY Copper pineapple storage pot –

6 DIYs to try this weekend –

I think there is a post for everyone to have a good read through on this list, and hopefully i’ll be doing this huge kinda list every week ’cause it felt so much better giving them all credit rather than trying to shorten it down (unless you liked the shortened down version, then I do apologise).

Kirsty x


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