Subscription Boxes

Treats! A sweet subscription box

Hii! If you follow me on snapchat (kiki2xoxox btw), you would’ve already seen this special little box that i got probably more excited over than i perhaps should’ve done.

It’s a little box called Treats! and it is basically the unhealthy version of a Graze box. I think i came across this on Instagram (if i remember rightly) and as i have a major sweet tooth i just thought why the heck not?!

So, Treats is a little box filled with four different types of sweets. You can choose to either have it delivered weekly or fortnightly, and you can also choose which day you want to receive your box too! I chose weekly, just because i’m greedy af.

As with the graze box you can rate the sweets, so you get more of what you love, and hopefully none of what you don’t (though personally i like any and all sweets so i probably won’t use this option and just go for the surprises).

Also, if you’re on holiday or just fancy a break from the sweet treats, you can pause your subscription or change how often you want to receive one.

This is my first box!! I received Jelly beans, Marshmallows, Fizzy mix and Love hearts!

The first box is FREE! Then it’s £3.99 per box (including delivery). Also, there’s a chance to win a FREE box by tagging (Instagram) on a picture of your box also using the hashtag #EatYourTreats

You can also send a box as a one off gift (same price) which will include a personalised message. Or you could send someone gift vouchers for a 1-12 month subscription.

I think this is a great idea if you, or anyone you know, has a sweet tooth! I know it isn’t that healthy but the portion sizes aren’t huge and surely everyone smiles when they get a sweet treat right?!

Kirsty x


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