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December Catch up

Hii! Soo, i haven’t blogged since the middle of November! It feels like just a week or so has gone by and i didn’t feel to bad up until i actually went to see when i last posted. I miss blogging so much though and really want to make an effort to get back into it. I do realise i say this quite a lot but with my anxiety and depression I’ve figured out that actually doing things and not having to sit and think helps so effing much.

This past year has just totally flown by and so much has happened in my life (good and bad), so to kick things off i thought, hey, why not do a chatty post and tell you what I’ve been up to (not very much) and what ideas I’ve come up with for my blog.

What have i been up to….. In the past month i have honestly not done very much.

I took part in a Christmas advent calendar swap (you can see Jemmas post here) which was really fun, though i will say hectic as i left everything until last minute as always. I received loads of cute gifts including chocolate, face mask, stationery and this cute little pineapple pin sticker thing (which i decided to stick to my purse), so i am very thankful. I’m planning on doing this again next year with my blogger friend Imogen, so majorly looking forward to that.

I started buying Christmas presents very late on (beginning of December) so that had me totally stressed out. I did manage to get everything i wanted to get (well, mostly) so all was good, but i think for 2017 i am going to start picking odd bits up throughout the year just so i don’t get as stressed out as i did because it was no fun at all.

I had a therapy ‘assessment’. I am going to do a post in a few months all about ‘cbt therapy’, but basically i wanted some form of therapy to see if it would help with my anxiety and depression in the long term so to speak, so i had an initial ‘assessment’ which was actually quite daunting just for the fact that it felt like a test and like she was judging me on my answers.. but anyway, we figured that because i don’t actually like sitting down and talking about how i feel that cbt therapy would be more practical, so i would still obviously talk about how i feel but it would focus more on the practical self help kinda side (sorry i make no sense at all). So i should start that in January and i think she said it last around 6-8 weeks (sessions).

I have been a lot more happier in the last month or so. I think this is a mixture of things, having a really good new relationship with someone that understands my emotional outbursts, my kids have settled into their new school and have all got into a routine, my new house is actually starting to feel like a ‘home‘ (unlike all my other houses), I’ve become more motivated to actually get up and do things. I don’t know if anyone else has, but I’ve totally seen a ‘new me’ coming out this past month and i love it and really hope it continues. (Yes I’ve had my down days and random meltdowns, but less frequently than i used to).

These past couple of days i have been totally motivated and i really want to get back into blogging as the more ‘distracted’ i am, the less breakdowns i have. So I’ve sat down with a new 2017 planner and I’ve come up with a really rough schedule for the majority of next year (yes. The whole year. I am actually gobsmacked at my organisation) .

Here’s a list of what kind of posts i’ll be doing and also when you can expect to see them:

Blog posts i loved this week – This will still be a weekly thing every Sunday (or Saturday if i have a monthly post scheduled). I have never fallen out of love with reading other peoples blog posts, I always like sharing the posts I’ve loved so you can read something you may have missed or even find a new favourite blog. The time and effort bloggers make (the majority with full time jobs and other things) is just unbelievable and quite a bit of the time don’t get the recognition (not even sure if that’s the right word) they deserve. Not that my posts will help a lot, but it’s nice for someone to say they do read your blog and love what you do.

Budget beauty – Again, this is another weekly post that will be on a Friday (or Thursday if another monthly post is scheduled). As you must know by now i am poor as fuck, so I’ve always been a budget beauty girl and more than likely always will be. These posts will be of new finds, one specific product, dupes, a small haul, and possibly tips or hacks I’ve found and tried out. I’m really looking forward to these posts and already have a few ideas lined up.

Pinterest DIYs and Recipes – On the 6th of every month will be a recipe and on the 23rd will be a DIY. I am always finding new things on pinterest that i want to try (i am a total pin addict). It always looks like so much fun and i want to both start cooking/baking again and also getting ‘crafty’.

Etsy series – Ok, so i kinda pinched this idea off of Imogen from Penchants & Prejudice (Sorry) who did a series not so long ago called Etsy Spotlight (definitely go check it out). So basically on the 10th and 27th of each month i will be featuring a different etsy shop with some of the bits i have purchased and a bit more about the person behind the shop and stuff like that. I have the hugest list of etsy shops favourited so hopefully i’ll be able to squeeze them all in. Though do please tell me if you have a favourite shop so i can check them out.

Book reviews – These will be a monthly thing on the 17th of every month. I am determined to get back into reading as it’s so calming and has been a really big ‘escape’ for me over the past many years. So if you have any book recommendations please do let me know 🙂

Throughout the year i also hope to do more posts about domestic violence as it’s a topic that’s close to my heart (is that the right thing to say?!) and perhaps a few posts about mental health. I’ll have the odd un planned posts as well but i am so looking forward to writing again and i really do hope this time that i stick to this schedule and just have fun with it.

If you’ve managed to read this all well done… Also, do you have any book, beauty, pinterest, Etsy recommendations???? If so please do let me know in the comments or on twitter (@_xoxokiki_).

Kirsty xx


6 thoughts on “December Catch up

  1. I’m glad things have been going well for you away from the blog and hope 2017 continues in that vein! Great to see you have things all planned out for the blog in 2017 – sounds like lots of exciting new content heading our way 😀 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for always reading and commenting.. I really do appreciate it even though half the time i forget to reply (thats going to change though haha)..Thank you and Yes lots of exciting things planned so keep your eyes peeled.
      Kirsty x


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