I heart chocolate Salted Caramel eyeshadow palette (plus swatches)

Hii! I wasn’t going to start my ‘series’ posts until after the new year, but i bought a new eyeshadow palette the other day and kinda thought why not start as i mean to go on eh?!


I had seen these palettes everywhere a while back, and I’ve now finally got my hands on one (though the choice of palette is down to my boyfriend as i had no clue which one to choose.. he chose good though!).


You get 16 different eyeshadow shades all based on chocolate (i presume anyway haha). There’s 9 shimmer shades and 7 matte shades. I always tend to gear towards ‘neutral’ palettes and this one is perfect for tons of different eye looks.


This is the top row (though I’ve noticed i have kinda taken the swatches back to front, oops).

The first shade is the kind of skin toned one called ‘Delicious‘, the dark brown/black is ‘Tempt‘, the next beige type colour is ‘Heavenly‘, then ‘Drizzle‘ and ‘Enjoy‘.

Tempt and Enjoy are more shimmery toned and these both seem to be a lot more pigmented than the matte shades which you have to build upon a bit more to get the colour.


(Again, back to front, i will get the hang of the whole swatching thing i swear!!)

So, right to left we have ‘Choc‘ which definitely looks like a deep chocolate brown, ‘Cake‘ which is a cute pale shimmery pink, ‘Perfect‘ which is another matte shade, ‘Crunch‘ a dark blue shimmer, ‘Sweet‘ which is quite a biscuity caramel colour and ‘Fudge‘.


The bottom row of this palette seems to be my favourite at the moment, to say it’s mainly shimmer shades (I’m usually a matte girl) but the shades on this row are so pigmented and pretty. (Again, right to left)..

Salted‘ a dark shimmery brown, ‘Candy‘ a subtle matte brown, ‘Caramel‘ which is a really cute gold caramel shade, ‘Spoon‘ a rose gold kinda colour, and ‘Yum‘ a light shimmery gold.

So this palette (and other i heart chocolate palettes) are only £7.99! (You can find this palette HERE). And I’ve just been on the Superdrug website to find the link and they are actually doing a 3 for 2 on all the i Heart chocolate eyeshadow palettes! So if you are looking for a bargain i would head over there right now! I am literally gutted that either this offer wasn’t on when i got my palette or that i just didn’t notice.

For a budget eyeshadow palette with really pigmented shimmer shades and lots of matte ones that can easily be built up i would suggest checking these out!

Do you have a i Heart chocolate palette?? What are your thoughts? Let me know 🙂

Kirsty x


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