Avon nail enamel – NailWear Pro+ / Gel Shine / Liquid freeze dry nail spray and more! (plus swatches)

Hii! So for this weeks ‘budget beauty’ post, i thought i’d share a few of the avon nail enamels (polishes/varnishes) that i have kinda accumulated over the past year or so because 1. They are all (bar one) under £5 and 2. They’re frigging awesome!



Speed dry£ 3 (usually £6) High shine and dries within 30 seconds! No word of a lie, when it comes to quick dry nail varnish, this one is on par with Barry M’s quick dry. Even the second coat dries really quick.

NailWear Pro+£3 (usually £6) – Fortified with Dura-Plus complex and acrylic gel for strength – 12 days of lasting colour – 10 days of shine and nick-resistent finish. I dont ever tend to use either a top or bottom coat (though i really should invest in some i know) and these nail varnishes tend to last a good 5-7 days without either of them (and bare in mind im a mum and my nails go through the works everyday).

Gel Shine£7 – Nourishing omega oils – No UV lamp required – High impact colour in one coat. These are the only ones i havent had a chance to try out yet.. though the couple of coats i did for the swatches below seemed pretty good.

Birthstones Nailwear Pro+ – I will say i only brought this one because of the shape of the bottle. I’m not a huge purple nail fan and with my birthstone being amethyst i obviously got the purple one. I did try it out and the colour is actually really pretty and i do love a good pastel colour so it will be in use during the spring.

BB 7-in-1 nail colour – 7 benefits in 1.. Has a creamy texture, built-in base coat, increases nail strength, UV filter to prevent yellowing, smooths nail ridges, colour and care, protects nails and covers imperfections. The colour on this is majorly cute and it does have a creamy consistency. I’ve only used this the once so far so i can’t say if all the benefits are true or not, but i will say that this one lasted for over a week! So, i’m gonna probably get a few more of these in different shades.

Liquid freeze quick dry nail spray£6 – Fast drying top coat  I forgot i had this until i was routing around for all my avon nail polishes so i only used this whilst i was doing the swatches and oh my god, my nails pretty much instantly dried straight away. I don’t usualy buy these kind of things as i’m skeptical as to whether they work or not… I will try this out again the next time i do my nails properly though, seen as i usually end up doing them just before i go to sleep.


Turquoise pop (Speed dry +)

Lemon sugar (NailWear Pro+)

Swift sherbet (Speed dry +)

Dont be jaded (Speed dry +)

Pastel pink (NailWear Pro +)


Restoring Beige (BB 7-in-1 nail colour)

Sheer Bronze (Nail experts pearl shine)

Stonewashed day (Gel shine)

Rosie Gold (NailWear Pro +)

Naked Truth (NailWear Pro +)


Tweed (NailWear Pro +)

Berry Shimmer (Gel finish)

Birthstones – Amethyst (NailWear Pro + birthstones collection)

And that is them all.. Though i am convinced i had a good few more than this but i cant find them anywhere 😦 So if you’re looking for an inexpensive but really good lasting nail polish i suggest you check them out!

Have you tried any nails enamels from Avon before? If so what are you’re thoughts?? Also. let me know if you’d like to see other nail polish ‘hauls/collections’ as i have so many in loads of different brands ranging from cheap af to quite expensive 😀

Kirsty x


2 thoughts on “Avon nail enamel – NailWear Pro+ / Gel Shine / Liquid freeze dry nail spray and more! (plus swatches)

  1. This is the second blog post I’ve read about nail polishes and I’m starting to think it’s going to be a year of different shades of green! I really liked Turquoise Pop and Stonewashed Day the most and of course Rosie Gold too! Lots of good ones! 🙂


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