Blog posts i loved this week #9

Hii! This is the first blog posts i loved this week post of 2017! and so far there have been so many posts to read and it’s only been 8 days. Anyway, for the first one i thought i would choose posts that are based on looking back over 2016 and looking into 2017!

Looking back on 2016:

Laura (A view from the balcony) wrote a post about the bloggers that inspired her during 2016!

Hayley (HaySparkle) shared her beauty favourites of the year!

Jenny (Jenny In Neverland) wrote all about what she learnt in 2016 (some really good life lessons to take note of)

Looking forward to 2017:

Sophie (Sophie in wonderland) shared her beauty resolutions which have inspired me to make some of my own (cuz i totally need to).

Lottie (Lottie L’Amour) wrote about the one resolution you should make and keep in 2017!

Kirstie (Behind the Scent) talks about a year on from her blog rebrand and her goals for this year!

Lottie (Lottie Does..) Shared a few things to remember in 2017… Some of these are really simple, but all of them are things i really need to also remember this year.

Aimee (Aimee Raindrop Writes) talks about all her goals for the year ahead!

 There have been so so many posts looking back on last year and tons of ones with inspiration for 2017! Have you had any favourite posts this past week??? Let me know 🙂

Kirsty x


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