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Catch up :)

Hii!! Its been a while since i last posted and i was so into the routine of posting regularly, then the flu came along!!

So i havent really been up to that much to be perfectly honest, just a lot of lying around doing sweet fuck all. I am not fully better, i still have a crappy cough that wont seem to budge and the stuffiest nose ever, but i am feeling tons better than i have been. Though one weird thing to come from having the flu is that i have totally gone off meat and i am in love with fruit and veg, literally the only things i have fancied eating over the past week or so has been banana’s and cabbage.. oo and the cheese sandwiches from co-op (which imo are the best ever). I also had a high addiction to energy drinks and i’ve totally gone off of those as well and have been non-stop drinking water. And to top it off, ive lost half a stone. In a few ways i am thankful to the flu apart from the whole feeling like crap and having no motivation whatsoever.

Anyway, i am back, and i have a few posts lined up for the week ahead. In february i will be doing two huge etsy spotlight posts focusing on blogger etsy stores (so if you know any, let me know and ill add them to my huge list), my birthday is coming up and i have a whole weeks worth of ’25’ themed posts and there will also be 2 book reviews as with being ill i have raced through a whole book really quick.

That is pretty much about it, although knowing me i’ll hit publish and find tons of things i wanted to add. But never mind.

I hope you are all well and dont feel as shit as i do.

Kirsty x


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