Monthly goals

February goals!

Hii! Here I am with a fresh set of goals. Last month I set goals for the year rather than the month so there’ll be no look back on how I did (which is good because I usually fail miserably at any goals I set).

Blog goals

Stick to my schedule – I think I’ve mentioned before that I’ve made a rough schedule for pretty much the whole year, and I have quite a few posts lined up for this month, so I’m gonna try really hard to stick to it 🙂

Create a directory – two of them in fact.. one will be of all the bloggers that have been in the blog posts I loved this week posts and things like that and then another one for all the things I’ve reviewed. I’ll admit I’ve seen this on another few blogs and thought it was pretty handy and cool so decided to pinch the idea.

Up my photography game – I’m always so envious of other bloggers photography and to be honest photos are the main thing in a post that I like (I do like to read them, but sometimes when i can’t really be bothered I’ll just scroll through and look at the photos, ngl) and as my writing is mostly crap or doesn’t make sense sometimes, photos are the way forward. So I’m gonna go grab some props this month and get to practicing!

Life goals

Get a job – or at least have an interview. Now Sophie’s at nursery I am super bored and tbh it’s a tad lonely being at home all the time. So I’m gonna update my cv and try and find something part time.

Keep attending the freedom programme – so last week I started the freedom programme course which I’ll be doing a post on at the end. It lasts for 12 weeks and is a course to raise your awareness of domestic violence. So if you’ve been in that situation it’s great to just get an understanding that it wasn’t / isn’t your fault at all and to learn some of the early warning signs too. And also, you get to meet other people that were also in the same situation.

Get more organised – with everything. Since Christmas I’ve just been so scatty and leaving everything until the last minute or forgetting about it completely. So I really just need to sort out all aspects of my life (those that I can anyway).

And those are my goals for this month! I hope you enjoyed reading and let me know if you have any goals for the month ahead!!

Kirsty xx


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