Happy birthday to me!!! 25 facts about me :)

Hii! So today is my birthday and in honor of turning 25 (cant believe that im half way to 50) i am dedicating this whole week to the number 25. So basically i will post every single day this week and the posts will be 25 such and such.

So to start off the week i thought id let you in on 25 facts about me!

  1. I have three children. (2 boys and 1 girl) My eldest will be 10 in may and my youngest is 3 next week!
  2. I am addicted to energy drinks. This may seem like a funny one, but in all seriousness, i drink about 4-6 a day and have withdrawal symptoms if i go without.
  3. I am a survivor of domestic violence. If you haven’t already and would want to know about my story feel free to read my posts ‘What happens when the bruises fade‘ and also ‘What happens when the bruises fade: Part II‘. I’ll also be doing a year later post in April too.
  4. My favourite sweet are those pink and blue bobbly ones that you get in licorice allsorts but i have no idea what they are called.
  5. I left school when i was 14. I was having trouble with bullying and i was in a place where i hated school, then i found out i was pregnant, so i just quit.
  6. I still don’t know what i want to do with my life. Unlike a lot of people i don’t have a specific career path that i want to take or even any aspirations of any sort.
  7. I cant drive (yet). Though i will hopefully start doing lessons again soonish.
  8. I have a huge stationery addiction. I dont have the money for one, but everytime i see a cute notebook or pen, i have to get it.
  9. I am scared of dwarfs… I have no explanation for this one because i have no idea why i am… But i am sure it totally stems from willy wonka, i am a big horror fan but this movie scares me more than any horror i’ve seen because of the oompa lumpas.
  10. I love horror movies! It is hands down my fav genre and i would pick one over a RomCom any day.
  11. I have a zombie apocalypse plan! On the above note of horrors, i am so into zombies and have probably watched every movie and series going. Since i was about 16 or so, i figured that having a zombie apocolypse plan really helps with my anxiety when i am out. So ill imagine that wherever i am, a zombie outbreak will happen and what ill do and it really calms me down just to focus on that.
  12. I have a big obsession with candles and wax melts. And i blame my mother. I have a huge box full of tea lights, votives and wax melts. Currently (just in my bedroom) i have 3 jar candles, a cute tealight stand thing that holds 4, a salt crystally tea light holder, another little tea light holder and 2 wax burners.
  13. The only physical thing i love about myself are my eyes. They’re a greeny blue colour, but when i cry they turn a bright shade of green.. i just love them.
  14. I am too kind for my own good. I will always put others before me and always treat people so kindly even if they dont deserve it at all. This is something i am really working on, not eradicating the kindness, just trying to put myself first for a change.
  15. I’ve only really got into makeup in the past 7-9 months. Being in the relationship i was in meant i felt i couldnt wear more than face powder and a bit of eyeliner. I’m far from the best, but my makeup game has come on so good and i enjoy that 10-30 mins in the morning (or whenever) just sitting down and making myself look that bit better.
  16. I am a total bookworm. Ever since having my eldest child and been given a few books i have loved it. It’s just so relaxing to curl up and take your mind to a whole other place where you dont have to think. I also think that reading has always been my ‘safe place’, i could get away from a horrible relationship and just imagine i was elsewhere.
  17. I have never been abroad! (Ever) I’ve always had holidays in england and have never been anywhere else really. Though i am currently planning a trip abroad for next year, which is super exciting and nerve wracking all at once.
  18. I wear glasses. Well, im supposed to wear them all the time, doesn’t mean i do though.
  19. My favorite food obsession right now are the cheese sandwiches from co-op. Ooo and also apple puff pastries.
  20. My favorite season of the year is spring. I hate the weather when it’s either too hot or too cold, and spring is that sort of in between weather.
  21. I am not creative or artistic at all. I always kind of take ideas from elsewhere than come up with my own.
  22. I hate tea and coffee. Even the smell is horrible.
  23. I have a birth mark on my left thigh that looks like a huge bruise.
  24. I always constantly have a cold. Be it a stuffy nose or a cough or a headache. For as long as i can remember i’ve always had either one or a combination of them.
  25. I am shy as fuck. I have huge social anxiety and therefore that’s meant that i don’t have any friends (well, not the ones that you can talk about whatever to, or come round to yours ‘just because’). It’s quite upsetting, but i am trying to push  myself out of my comfort zone and meet new people and to try and make friends.

God it took so bloody long to think of facts (i think the fact that i hate talking about myself and that i dont really do anything doesnt help either). But i hope you liked the post and tomorrow will be a ’25 ways to love yourself’ post in honor of valentines day.

Kirsty x


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