Monthly goals

March goals!!

Hii!!! Its a new month and I’m back at it again with another set of monthly goals that i will probably never achieve but will nevertheless give them ago anyway!

But first, lets just rewind to February goals and see if i somehow managed to achieve any of them (though tbh I’m laughing right now because i highly doubt i did).

My blog goals were: To stick to my schedule (HA), create a directory (Ha) and to up my photography game (HahA).

I did manage to get started on the directories, they are currently ‘in progress’ and will probably end up being ‘live’ later this month. As for the other two goals, i’m sure you know by now that it’s a big fat NO as to whether i acheived them.

My life goals were: Get a job, to keep attending the freedom programme and to get more organised.

With the whole ‘getting a job’ thing, i am starting a work type related course next week (or is it the week after?! I’m not too sure) so job hunting is kinda on the back burner right now. Horay i am still attending the freedom programme, it has helped me so much and i’ve met a few brave and amazing women though it that i hope i’ll keep in contact with after. It’s still running for another 5/6 weeks, and i am hoping to do a post on what it’s about and my experience etc when its finished. As for getting more organised.. HAHAHAHAHA is all i’ll say 😀

Blog goals

Try and stick to a schedule – I’m not gonna be completely strict with myself and say I have to stick to one like a tee (think that’s the right saying) but use the schedule I’ve made as more of a guideline of ideas and when to post them.

Finish directories – and publish them. I’ve nearly finished them and they have taken me ages to do (though by looking you wouldn’t be able to tell) and I’m quite excited about them.

Interact – this seems to be one of my ‘blog’ goals every month, but now my confidence is starting to appear I want to make more of an effort to speak to more bloggers and leave comments, even if it’s just a small thing like ‘you look great’ it’s at least a small step in the right direction.

Life goals

Take life one step at a time – I seem to want everything at once without doing any work and I know that’s the totally wrong way about going about it. I need to focus on each day as it comes and concentrate on the small things instead of the whole big thing.

Go on a spending ban – every month my money just disappears and I have nothing at all to show for it. Also I’ve really wanting to start saving for a long time so this might help. So my money will literally go on bills and food and hopefully I’ll have something to show for it at the end of the month.

Write in my journal everyday – I started a journal at the beginning of the year but I only seem to write in it when I have a down day, and I really want to just put aside 10 mins everyday to document how I feel and what I’ve been up to, because so far it’s really helped with both my mind and also my memory (which is shit even on a good day).

I think breaking down huge goals into small ones or even just rephrasing them make you feel like you’re capable of being able to accomplish them, and I’m really looking forward to working towards these this month, unlike all the other months where I set too big a goal (in my mind anyway) and just had no motivation.

Do you have any goals for the month ahead?? Let me know 🙂

Kirsty xx


5 thoughts on “March goals!!

  1. I find that the only way I save is if I make that the first thing I do after getting paid. Otherwise,if I wait until all the bills are paid and groceries are bought, I end up spending it. Just remember, even a little bit adds up. You got this!

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  2. Goals can be hard! Try breaking them down into smaller ones, I know you already mentioned that but just reminding you, and also keeping your goals written somewhere you can see them. I keep mine in my diary so everytime I open it I’m reminded of my goals and can check in with them. That being said, this month, so far, I’ve achieved none of my goals and am nowhere near close to achieving them. So we all slip up sometimes! Haha. Good luck!


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