Barry M Pose pink ‘matte me up’ lip kit!

Hii! There are probably a shit ton of reviews etc about this lip kit already but i bloody love it so i thought seen as it’s a friday and therefore ‘budget beauty’ post day, here is my post about it 😀

Packaging – It’s alright, pretty bog standard sturdy cardboard (i aint that great at describing things if you hadn’t guessed already). I like it, its cute and minimal and each package corresponds with the shade of the lip kit inside.


I went for the shade ‘Pose pink’ which is a pinky nude but quite bold at the same time (if thats possible?).

“Its non-drying, ultra-long wearing formula is easy to apply and will leave lips with a gorgeously bold finish.”

The application is so easy, the pencil being not overly creamy really helps giving a more precise outline and therefore less ‘bleeding’. The consistency of the liquid lipstick is really good, it isn’t too runny (which i find that a few other liquid lipsticks are) and with this shade you really do only need the one layer. It also dries a lot quicker and more evenly than others i have tried.

I have really dry lips and with a lot of matte liquid lipsticks i find that they just dry them out even more, this one isn’t actually that bad.


These are the swatches of the pencil and liquid lipstick (though i forgot to do a ‘dry’ swatch too).

If you are a lover of the kylie lip kits then you will love these. Not only is the price substantially more affordable, in my opinion, the Barry M kits have much more ‘staying power’. I’ve wore this on various occasions and I’ve found that i can actually eat and drink a good amount and not have to worry about having to go and put another layer on.

So, if you are looking for an affordable but long-lasting lip kit with some amazing colours then the matte me up lip kit is definitely for you.

Barry M matte me up lip kit – pose pink £6.99

Ooo i forgot to mention that you can also get the liquid lipstick separately too for £4.99 and they have a few more shades.

Here are a few links to other reviews on the lip kit:

Kasie (kasies beauty) has done a review on the ‘Go to’ shade

Annabelle (BelleBrick) has a review of the ‘runway’ shade

Caroline (iridescentplaces) has a review of the ‘go to’ shade.

Have you tried the matte me up lip kit? Or any of the singular liquid lips?? If so let me know your thoughts and also what shades because I’m hoping to get my hands on another one soon 🙂

Kirsty xx

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