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An epiphany of sorts

Hii! So, as i was sat munching on a box of 20 nuggets from McDonald’s, scrolling through Bloglovin catching up on posts, i had an epiphany of sorts.


That was it. At the back of my mind I’ve known this all along but still lived my life in fear of other peoples opinions and what other people are doing.

I’ve never been ‘popular’ and through no fault of my own (as you may know) have no friends. Since i was a teenager I’ve been liking what other people like, doing what other people do, trying to be someone else because i wasn’t good enough.

I have shit loads of opinions (some may be either good or bad, right or wrong) but i never voice them of fear of what other people might think. I want to be liked, and for the past 10 years, agreeing with everyone, trying to be like other people hasn’t worked. It’s made me loose touch with who i actually am and loose my voice along the way as I’ve never felt confident enough to speak out and say what i think, i always censor what i share (in real life and on social media) or say and to be honest it’s getting tiring. I think I’ve also realised that i am worrying over nothing, like, no one will actually give a shit if i go out with no makeup on or if i tweet something i have an opinion on.

So, it starts today! I am just going to be myself (well, try, as tbh i still need to find myself), be honest as fuck (without hurting peoples feelings, I’m not a dick), share whatever i want, have my own opinions and start living my life without this imaginative thought that people are constantly judging me.

So, what does this mean blog wise?.. I’ll be posting whatever i want whenever i want. I don’t want to be ‘big’ and this really is just a hobby for me and a place to share my thoughts (which will be more honest from now on).

So, that’s my ramble for today, i’m now gonna go finish my chicken nuggets and do my makeup 😀

Oooo.. Here are the posts i were reading that brought me to randomly write this whole post:

Reasons its ok to crave a quite life and A week of being actively inactive by Becky (Bkyrouncefield)

The worriers guide to blogging part 1 and part 2 by Rebecca (FromRoses)

Getting back to the blogging basics by Rhianna (Robowecop)

Kirsty xx


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