Monthly goals

April goals

Hii! I can’t believe how quickly another month has flown by so quickly. So here i am again with a fresh set of monthly goals 😀

But of course, firstly, how did i get on with last months goals?!

My blog goals were:

To try and stick to a schedule, which i have kinda done but i’ve actually been really busy the last few weeks that i’ve not really had the time. But i have recently made a newer schedule that looks like one i can more reasonably stick to. And again, my schedule is more of a guide than a strict have to stick to schedule so all is good.

Finish directories.. yeh, i kinda forgot all about these so they are still sat in drafts waiting to be finished and published 🙂 These will get done eventually, they are near enough fully done, just a few tweaks i need to do.

Interact… Hahahaha, ok, this one i am so so bad at, but its a goal i really want to achieve all the time. I just work myself up about interacting, and i dont know why, it’s just something that i find really difficult to do (both online and in real life).

My life goals were:

To take life one step at a time. I have totally been doing this, i’ve been taking each day as it comes and not totally freaking out about my future and whats going to happen, and it has made me so much calmer and quite frankly, a lot less anxious.

Go on a spending ban. Pfft, like that was going to happen right?! So once again i am poor as fuck and have not really a lot to show for it.

Write in my journal everyday. I’ve not wrote wrote in it everyday, but what i’ve done to make sure i write at least something is at the bottom of every page i have a few lines to write what my main high and low of that day was. So when it comes to the end of the day and i dont have much to say, i can at least write a little bit of what was good and bad.

Now on to my goals for April…

Blog goals…

Publish those drafts even if i think no body will like them. I write so so many posts that i like but just end up sitting in drafts because of what people might think about them. But fuck it. If i like them, then they’re gonna be published even if the whole world hates them.

Have a re-brand of sorts This is mainly just the layout and colour scheme, as i’m starting to go off the pastel pink. I’ve tried out a pastel peach today and i kinda like it, so i’m thinking something along that line. Also just the whole layout has started to quite frankly do my head in, so that needs to change too.

Comment on at least 2 blog posts every week I was going to set the whole ‘interact’ goal, but gotta start somewhere small i suppose and seen as i read posts daily, commenting on 2 a week shouldn’t be that much of a struggle.

Life goals…

Do something Ok this might seem like a weird goal, but i don’t work and now Sophie is at nursery 2 1/2 days of the week, i need something to focus my attention on rather than doing fuck all. I have a meeting tomorrow to see what kind of courses are on for older people (yes, i’m only 25, but that puts me in the ‘older people’ bracket). I dunno, i just need something that will get me off my arse and out of the house.

Save £100 That may not seem like a lot, but with me not working and having three kids and this little makeup addiction i have going on, i think 100 is a reasonable enough goal. Also, if i put an actual number, instead of just saying that i’m going to save money, i think it might make me that bit more motivated.

1 bottle of water a day For the first time ever i actually like the size i am, i have a love for chocolate and junk food, so diets are never gonna be my thing. But, all i drink throughout the day is energy drinks and thats not good at all. I’ve bought a cute peach water bottle and if i start at 1 bottle a day, i can only go up from there right?!

Do you have any goals for April??

Or any tips as to how i can stick to mine??

Kirsty xx

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