Happy unicorn day! i Heart makeup Unicorn love palette

Happy unicorn day!!!!

If you didn’t know already i am huge lover of any and all things unicorn. So a little while ago i purchased the unicorn love palette over on tam beauty and was going to do a post a while back until i found out today would be unicorn day, and would be a great time to write about it, especially since I’ve had a little while to play around with it.


Firstly the outside of the palette itself is soo cute! Its pink faux fur with little silver glittery specks and has the plastic pink heart in the middle.

It’s a standard i heart makeup palette size and has 10 shimmer shades and 6 matte shades.


Shade names and swatches


Unicorn, Pure, Myth, Flutter and imagine


Story, Tale, Fortune, Gallop, Mane and Magic


Sparkle, Horn, Wings, Icon and Love

As with my other palettes i have from either i heart makeup or makeup revolution, the shimmer shades are a lot more pigmented than the mattes. But the mattes are definitely buildable.

My favorite shades from this palette are Flutter, Magic and Sparkle. I am yet to try out Tale, mane and icon (the 2 purples and the blue one), they look so so pretty but i am definitely a nude girl at heart and don’t think i can pull off bolder colours, but over the next few days i think I’m gonna have a little play around with them and see what happens.

This palette is only £7.99 and like always such a good price for a really cute eyeshadow palette.

What do you think? Do you have this palette or any of the others from iHeart makeup??

Kirsty x

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