Budget beauty: MUA Professional ‘Burning embers’ Palette!

Hii! I haven’t wrote a ‘budget beauty’ post in what feels like forever! But yesterday i popped into Superdrug to grab some foundation and came across this beauty of a palette!


‘A shade catalogue that includes natural, pretty, earthy tones that are universally flattering. Combining a mixture of matte and pearl shades each have been designed to wear alone or layered for a multi-tonal look.’

‘The 25 pigments have been created to harmonize and compliment each other, perfect for creating dimension, depth and ultimate impact.’


It just looks so pretty that i can neither stop looking at it or wait to use it!

Each ‘pan’ is about the size of a 10p, so you really do get a lot for your money!

There are 12 ‘pearl’ (shimmer) shades and 13 matte shades… And the pearl (shimmer) shades are so so gorgeous.


Match / Light / Sparks / Flare / Heat


Flicker / Glint / Warmth / Kindling / Flash

Glint has to be my most favourite out of the whole palette! It looks like a white shimmer shade in the pan, but reflects a pinky purple colour in the light… Just omg it is so god damn beautiful!


Sizzle / Scarch / Wild fire / Burn / Ignite


Beacon / Spark / Blush / Torch / Energy


Fume / Char / Dazzle / Flame / Blaze

I literally love every shade, but my favourites (from the swatches) are Glint (as i’ve already mentioned), Heat, Warmth, Blush, Dazzle and Blaze!

Unlike a lot of the more budget eyeshadow palettes that i own, the matte shades in this one seem to be a lot more pigmented.

What makes it even better is that the burning embers palette is only £8!

If you’re into brighter colours there is also the Tropical Oceana paltte (which i might get next).

And looking on the MUA site i have just noticed the Ultimate undressed palette which has more nudes and browns, so is right up my street!

Do you have any of the MUA palettes?? What are your thoughts??

Kirsty xx

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