Monthly goals

May goals!!

Hii! Why is this year going so quickly?! My eldest son will be turning 10 at the end of the month and oh god it makes me feel so old!

Did I achieve any of Aprils goals??

Blog goals… publish those drafts – I have definitely edited them, and my recent year on post was very nearly lost to the drafts page also, so I think as soon as I’ve wrote something I need to stop being such a wimp and just hit publish! Comment on at least 2 blog posts each week – I’ve been good with this one (when I’ve remembered to anyway), and will definitely be continuing to do so. Have a re-brand of sorts – half done this one!! I’ve changed my layout and colours as much as I could and hopefully will be getting a new header and button soon!!

Life goals…. Do something – I’ve been good at this one, I’ve been getting out more and have also been doing a few courses too, so I’m definitely pushing myself. Save £100 – hahahaha I kinda thought this one would never come to anything, but I have started to decorate and it’s just been a shit month to save money. 1 bottle of water a day – yes! Although I will admit I only down it either first thing in the morning or at night (oops).

Mays goals….

Blog goals

Carry on commenting and engaging more!  I’ve loved commenting on posts I’ve read, even if its just the whole ‘love this’ type of comment, cause everyone works so hard on their blogs and it’s great to just show a little love. Next step is to get back into twitter and Instagram, both with uploading, commenting and just generally talking.

Series – carry on the ones I started and think of a brand new one! So, a good while ago i thought of some series so I’d have regular content going up (not gone to plan so far, but hey ho), and i want to get back into writing and i want to start a new series surrounding domestic violence (though i am not sure what as there’s only so many times i can tell my story).

Reply to comments on here! I’ve started getting good at commenting on other peoples posts, but i am definitely lagging at replying to comments on my own blog. So i think at the end of each week, any of the comments i have, i will be replying to!

Life goals

Body positivity I’m definitely not the skinniest or prettiest gal around (far from it), but i admire the looks and confidence that so many women (and men) have, whatever their shape etc, and i want that for myself. Yes i could do with being a bit healthier, but i want to look in the mirror and be like ‘yes! you look hella bomb’

Try to not shit a brick when ‘he’ gets released So after a whole year of getting my life on track and starting afresh, the dreaded day of him getting out of prison has come around far too quickly. I am possibly panicking more than necessary, but i think until at least the end of June that i’ll be on edge and always expecting something to happen. Luckily i have a good support system around me, and I’ve come really far, so fingers crossed I’ll be fine.

Make the most of everyday Get out in the sun (whenever there is some), explore new places, do new things… Everyday this month (and hopefully thereafter) i want to just make the most of everyday.. even if its a day where I’m stuck inside, i want to be productive and stop sitting and moping around.

And that’s it for this month.. let’s hope it doesn’t go by as quickly as the last few months!

Do you have any goals for may?? If so let me know.

Kirsty xx

3 thoughts on “May goals!!

  1. Great goals! It must be scary knowing he’ll be out in a few months, but you’ve come so far and if you’ve got a good support system around you you’ll be fine! Good luck with all your goals.


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