Avon haul!

Hii! As I get a load of stuff that I more than likely don’t even need every month from Avon, I thought I’d start doing ‘haul’ posts. I might start doing individual ‘reviews’ of some things I got, so if you see something in particular you’d like to kinda know more about just holla.

Mark. Mousse foundation in nude

I’ve never had a mousse foundation before, so when i saw this one i thought i’d give it a go. The colour seems to match quite well and has a ‘light to medium’ coverage. So i’m looking forward to see how this works out.

Mark. Big colour lip tint pen in Hazelnut

I bought this mainly because it intrigued me. I’ve not had a lip tint pen before, therefore i have nothing to compare this to. I read through a couple of reviews where half hated it and half loved it. Basically, its a felt tip that stains/dries instantly, gives great coverage, non sticky, non bleeding and lasts for hours.

From the swatch i did (above) it’s a lot lighter colour than i thought it would be, it did bleed out (though that may just be because it’s on my arm) and was a bit patchy. It also has a horrible ‘chemical’ smell going on, but it did stay on my arm for a good few hours (when i eventually decided to scrub it off).

Mark. Studio kit

There was a promotion going (Still going at the time of writing this) where if you spent £10 or more on certain Mark. products then you could get all 4 above items for £10 (which saves you £28!!) and me being all for the promotions (even if i don’t particularly need it) obviously ordered these as i had spent over a tenner on the lip tint and foundation.

So in the ‘studio kit’ you get:

Mark. Hanging cosmetics bag – Truthfully, this will probably end up thrown in a cupboard unused, but i think its kinda cute. I don’t own a bag that has the see through individual pockets, and thought it might come in handy one day (hopefully). It has 4 separate zip clear compartments and comes with a little hook type thing so you can hang it up too.

Mark. Magix Prep & Set Spray – I’m currently using a setting spray that i got from Primark and absolutely love it, but i haven’t used any others as of yet, so we shall see how this one turns out.

Face fan brush – I’ve been looking for a smaller fan brush as the one i have at the minute is bloody huuge. It’s more bristly than soft, which made me quite dissapointed but i am willing to give it a go anyway.

Mark. Setting powder – ‘Translucent with a HD finish’. I’m always a bit iffy when it comes to setting powders as they always seem to bring up any dry patches i have, but it seems to have great reviews. It is a very bright white so i don’t know if this will end up being patchy or not, but we shall see.

Anti-aging 3-in-1 cleansing water / Rose water cleansing toner

I have tons of cleansers but always seem to forget to use them as i do my whole ‘skincare routine’ in my bedroom and cant be arsed with going to the bathroom and back halfway through. With this one you basically soak a cotton pad with it and wipe it all over you face (no rinsing required!).. So i’m hoping that this is good as if so it will be a total god send. Its for all skin types and contains Isotonic water which is meant to attract and maintain water within the skin.

After using the Primark Rose water micellar water, i’m in love with anything that has rose water in it as it just smells gorgeous (kind of an old woman smell, but i like it). Anyway, i was in need of a new toner and this one was on offer.

True colour Pro+ Nail enamel in Candyfloss / Mark. Gel shine nail enamel in Moody

As you may know I’ve been a fan of Avon’s nail enamels for quite a while as they last for longer than a week! I was in need of a cute spring girly colour and ‘candyfloss’ seemed like the perfect choice.

I love darker coloured nails (yes, even in spring and summer), and ‘Moody’ looked like the perfect darker grey colour and with it being a ‘Gel shine’ enamel, i have high hopes for this one.

Mark. Gel shine top coat / True colour nail experts vitamin E cuticle oil

It was half price and i needed a top coat. It has ‘DuraLast Complex’ (yeh, no idea what that is either) and it reduces chipping and cracking, increases shine and will apparently ‘change your life’… Which i’m sure it will as i’m usually too lazy to put a top coat on.

Again, this was also half price… My cuticles are fucked and are always cracking / flaring up, so are in desperate need of some TLC. It contains aloe vera and vitamin E to instantly smooth, soften and hydrate cuticles. It is also meant to restore dry, ragged cuticles in just 5 days (although i am unsure if that’s from one use or whether you have to use it everyday).

Avon naturals Scented spritz in Strawberry & Guava / Magnolia / Sugar plum & Vanilla

These are the best things ever! I literally have a whole basket full of them, with the Sugar plum and vanilla being my all time favourite (it’s a very sweet smell that makes me hungry but is just amazing).

The scented spritz are pretty much always on offer for 99p, unless its a new scent then they’re usually about £2. I vary between using these as a spray for myself and spritzing them around the house. I kinda have certain scents i’ll use for either as some are more ‘fresh’ and then others are more ‘sweet’ or ‘floral’.

And that’s everything! I think i will do reviews on the makeup items after I’ve used them for a while, so keep your eyes peeled. Also, i shall be back with another ‘Avon haul’ when my next order comes through… usually its about once a month as i order through a friend instead of online.

Have you tried any of the things mentioned?? If so let me know as i’d love to hear your thoughts about them.

Kirsty xx

If you want to read a bit more about the Avon nail enamels i have a post all about them….


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