Royal 100% organic coconut coffee scrub by Naturelle Cosmetics

Hii! So a little while ago the lovely people at Naturelle Cosmetics sent me this coconut coffee scrub to try out!

So, Naturelle Cosmetics is a family owned business that aims at popularizing natural and organic beauty products in Europe. All of their products are 100% organic, paraben-free and vegan. They sell skin care, body care, hair care, mineral makeup and natural soaps and oils (to name a few).

I was slightly dubious as I hate coffee and in general the scent of it, and that’s kinda why I’ve never tried out a coffee scrub before, even though I’ve heard such good things about them.

Anyway, I hesitantly opened the packet to have a look and a smell and I was literally just sat there for a good 5 to 10 mins trying to figure out if I liked the smell or not… You can definitely smell the coconut and the coffee smell isn’t the usual overwhelming instant coffee smell either. It’s definitely hard trying to describe the scent, but I will say, if like me, you hate the smell of coffee then try this one out as it is not at all overpowering in terms of coffee.


Ingredients of the coconut coffee scrub:

Coffee Arabica seed powder, Coffee Robusta seed powder, Avocado oil, Jojoba oil, Almond seed and Coconut oil.

A few of the benefits these give your skin:

The caffeine helps reduce scarring, cellulite and stretch marks

Naturally exfoliates dead skin

Reduced redness

Smoothes and moisturises the skin

Enhances the ability to generate collagen

Deep cleansing


They also do a range of other coffee scrubs which include Chocolate orange, Cinnamon Vanilla, Lavender mint, Tea tree, and Ylang ylang.

This stuff is messy AF. I think that’s generally the case with coffee scrubs though, so it didn’t put me off it much. The texture in powder form seems quite soft, but when you actually use it, it feels a bit rougher than an average scrub.

The actual pack didn’t have any instructions on so I wasn’t quite sure how to use it (yes, I’ve used other scrubs before, but didn’t know if you had to use this any differently), so the first time I used this I just put it on dry onto wet skin. I made a very big mess and there seemed to be more scrub all over the bath than on my actual skin. I scrubbed in what was there anyway for a minute and then rinsed off. Came out the shower and dried etc and my skin was pretty smooth, the same kinda smoothness I would get from my other scrubs I suppose.

A few days later I thought I would give it another go, but this time wet the scrub into kind of a paste type texture before applying. Still a good bit messy as I decided to do this in my hands (at least I know to use a bowl next time) and this seemed to apply way better than it did the last time. Once I was out and dry….! I swear, this is the softest my legs have ever been! I presume I used it right this time (correct me if I’m wrong, I’m useless).

 Overall, apart from the mess (which actually rinsed away really good), I absolutely loved this, and I never thought I would say that about something to do with coffee.

You can purchase the coconut coffee scrub (and others) here for only £9.95 and its a pretty big ‘pouch’ that you’ll get tons of uses from!

I can’t wait to have a real good browse and see what other things i can buy (i see a haul in the future!) as you can create a wishlist and also compare to other brands.

Have you tried Naturelle Cosmetics coffee Scrub before?? Or any other coffee scrub? Let me know!

Kirsty xx


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