Budget beauty: Makeup revolution Flawless 3 Resurrection eyeshadow palette! First impression & swatches

Hii! So finally after god knows how long, i finally managed to get my hands on the Flawless 3 resurrection palette. I was so excited as every time i had spare cash and went online to get it, it was sold out, so i took a random trip to town, popped into Superdrug and managed to get the only one that was in store. Now i have it though, it’s always in stock, so that’s bloody typical.

The packaging is so cute (though bloody hard to photograph with it being reflective) and is a rose goldy mirrored front with the standard black back.

I didn’t quite realise until i opened it how many lighter nude shades there actually is, so i am intrigued to find out how often i’ll end up reaching for this palette, especially with me wanting it for so long. BUT i love the more burnt oranges and pinks at the bottom, so perhaps all is not lost.

There are 32 shades all together – 8 shimmers and 24 matte


Resurrection // Rebirth // Contact // Revival // Return // Restore // Past
New birth // Revitalise // Recovery // Regeneration // Reawaken // New dawn // Reactivate // Comeback
Reappear // Resurgence // Triumph // Back // Reincarnation // Time // Recharge // Reanimation
The // Makeup // Story // Based // On // Believing // In // The renaissance

My favourite shades from this palette (just from the swatches) would have to be Return which looks like it would be a great crease colour, Recovery and Regeneration would make amazing inner corner highlights, Triumph which is an orangy brown would also make a really good crease colour, Story, Based, On and Believing are such cute but bolder colours and i can’t wait to try those ones out too.

There was a tiny bit of fall out on the darker shades when doing the swatches and some colours turned out chalky (though that has happened on swatches before and ended up being alright when applied), but they all seem to be build-able and after testing a couple i found that they were really easy to blend and were actually quite good pigment wise.

The Makeup Revolution Flawless 3 Resurrection palette is only £8! So such a good price for 32 amazing shades.

Have you tried the Flawless 3 Resurrection palette? What are your thoughts? Also, let me know your favourite shades!

Kirsty x

Makeup Revolution Haul

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