Monthly goals

June goals!!!

Hii! A few days late with this one I know, but May had just flown past in a total blur and everything definitely lacked because of it.

Anywho, here I am again with a fresh set of goals for the month ahead.

But first, did I accomplish any of May’s goals??


Carry on commenting and engaging more – ummm, kinda. I’ve read a lot less blogs than usual so therefore haven’t commented as much as I would’ve liked to… BUT I have commented/liked all the ones I had read, so that counts right?!

Think of a new ‘series’ and to carry on with the ones I’m supposed to be doing already – again, the blog has been pretty downhill for a while because I just can’t get organised and last month a lot was on my mind, so my focus was elsewhere. I have thought of a new series though (kind of) which I hope to start in a few weeks, and I will be upping my game and carrying on the ‘series’ I’ve already started.

Reply to comments on here – YES! Maybe not straight away but I have been replying as soon as I’ve found 2 minutes to do so… I don’t get a huge amount of comments so I’m always greatful when I do and the least I can do is reply.


Body positivity – I’ve been so good with this one the past month. There have definitely been more days where I look in the mirror and love how I look. I’ve been less jealous and more appreciative of other people’s appearances too and I think that in itself has helped a huge deal with how I see myself.

Try not to become an absolute mess when ‘he’ gets released – I literally made a mountain out of a molehill.. I was stressing and panicking so much, but nothing happened, he hasn’t attempted to contact me in any way and apart from the added anxiety my life pretty much continued as normal.

Make the most of everyday – when I could I definitely did. I was out in the sun a lot more, I went on walks and day trips and spent more time with Ady and the kids. Getting fresh air every day definitely helped with my mental health a lot too, as I wasn’t stuck in so there was kind of not time to dwell on negativity much.


Promote (well, try at least) – Self promotion is the thing I hate most about blogging. I want people to read my posts and engage but at the same time I don’t want to feel like I’m pestering everyone (if that makes any sense??). At the moment I post 1 tweet and 1 Instagram pic about a new post and that’s it. So for the next month I really want to try and promote it a bit more. I’m aiming for at least 3 tweets a day, which is pretty realistic for me and see how it goes.

Better photos – My photography skills are currently pants (though tbf a lot better than this time last year), but I want to get some more ‘props’ and have a play around with layouts etc and see what works well. I maybe need to up my editing skills too, so if you know of any good (easy to use) editing apps, let me know!

Blog posts I loved this week – I loved creating these posts every week and for some reason got out of the habit of making them. I think I need to just take a new approach to creating them because at the moment whenever I read a good post I have to remember to write everything down (link, why I liked it, who wrote it etc) and half the time I just forget. Maybe I need to dedicate a set amount of time everyday for blog reading etc and hope that helps.


Book my first ever tattoo – I’ve been wanting 2 specific tattoos for years and have decided that this is the month I will finally book a consultation and whatnot.

Start some form of exercise – I get so bored during the day when the kids are at school, and looking for a job and getting nowhere is just making me loose all motivation. So I think exercise may be the way forward. I used to go running a few years ago and loved it, so I’m thinking of starting that back up again a couple of times a week.

And that’s it really. I think creating slightly smaller goals than I used to has made it a lot more easy to accomplish them.

Do you have any goals for June? Let me know.

Kirsty xx


3 thoughts on “June goals!!!

  1. Well done on not getting yourself in a state when he was released! You did so well and I hope you can realise that and be proud of yourself for how you coped at such a difficult time. I can definitely recommend VSCO or UNUM for photo editing apps on the phone – I don’t know much about photo editing on the PC though. Also, if you need any help with self-promotion I do offer tweet scheduling services for a small fee (cheeky bit of self-promotion there, sorry!) Good luck with all your June goals!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 I’m surprised at how well i’ve actually done re panicking etc…Ooo thanks i’ll have a look at those (no worries about PC ones, i take pictures and edit all on my phone).. haha, i will keep you in mind, as that sounds a lot better than trying to remember myself xx


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