Avon haul / first impressions #2

Hii! I will apologise for the lateness of this post as i took all the photos and stuff the other week and just completely forgot about it.

Anywho, I decided to go ahead and make this a kind of series every month, so let me know if there is anything in particular you want me to buy and give you a first impression of!


True colour lipstick (Marvelous mocha) & True colour lip liner (Nude)

When i got these they were on offer as a ‘set’ for £7.50, but i just searched the site and could only find them separately for £8 and £3. Now, i love the lipstick! It’s not a dark of a brown as i thought it would be, but it turned out to be a really nice nudey brown shade and has ended up to be one of my day to day go-to lipsticks. It’s really creamy, easy to apply and lasts for a good while. With the lip liner, i love the formula, it’s really easy to apply and will go great with other nude lipsticks that i own, I just don’t really get why it was sold with this lipstick as if you wear them together it does stick out a lot as it’s a lot lighter colour.


Swatches 🙂

Mark. Glow on face illuminator

I’m not too sure why i bought this one as it has just been sitting in my drawer ever since :/ It is a primer/highlighter that is meant to leave an luminous glow. This cost me £6 but has now gone up to £9. I’ve just got it out to swatch on my hand and tbf i think i will try this out as a highlighter! It’s quite a goldy/tan colour and does give a bit more than subtle sheen. I am all about the matte base, so personally probably wouldn’t use this as a primer, but rubbed in to the back of my hand i can see that it would make and alright glowy undertone, though it’s quite smooth, so im not sure whether foundation would just slide off it.

Mark. Spectralash mascara (Black)

Another thing i have yet to properly try out, but due to not knowing how the whole ‘1.2.3’ thing works. I got this on offer for £5.50 but it is now £10. I don’t think i would’ve got this if it wasn’t on offer, but like i said i am yet to fully try it out.

Ok, so the numbers are meant to be how much volume you want… number 1 is for ‘everyday volume’, number 2 is for ‘a more volumised look’ and number 3 is for an ‘all-out lash look’ which i guess means extra volume. I’m quite sceptical on this concept, so it’s definitely one that ill have to try out a few times.

True colour pro+ nail enamel (Wandering rose / Mauve rose / Inspired iris) & Crystallised nail file

As usual, i had to add some more nail enamels to my collection as if you know me i just love these. My favourite out of the three is Inspired iris, it’s more sheer than i thought it would be but i just love the colour, especially when it picks up the pink tones in the light. And yeah, i needed a new nail file and i used to love the glass/crystallised ones so thought i’d get this one as it was on offer for £3. The nail enamels were on offer for £3, but they’re now doing an offer where you buy 2 for £6 (otherwise they are now £6 each).

Youth restore face cream & Gentle moisture cleanser, toner and moisturiser

I mainly bought the ‘youth restore’ cream as it was only £2.20! I’ve been going through a phase of trying out different ‘cheap’ anti-ageing creams but my face didn’t seem to like this one, i just broke out in loads of spots and ended up with random dry patches everywhere. I have yet to try out the 3-in-1 cleanser, toner & moisturiser, but it smells alright and hopefully with it being for sensitive skin, my face wont get too irritated.

Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil Nourishing Hair Serum

This is meant to give everyday protection without weighing your hair down, it has ‘diamond-inspired technology to make hair 5x stronger’ and is infused with Argan oil, Provitamin B5 and Vitamin E. I have only tried this once so far, so obviously wont see any huge effects. I put about one ‘pump’ into my hand and massaged it through damp hair, and left it to dry naturally overnight, and maybe it was just me, but my hair did seem slightly more ‘sleek’ and ‘shiny’ than it usually does. Also, this stuff smells really good!!

Wild berries and pomegranate body scrub & body cleanser

Literally tried looking for a link for these for the past 10 minutes to no avail 😦

These are my favourite out of the whole ‘haul’ and were also only £1-1.50 each. I’ve been using the scrub non stop and have nearly about run out, so I’m devastated i can’t find a link for it as it was so good. It has ‘seeds’ in it (not sure if these are real ones or not) that are meant to make skin really smooth. I prefer the texture of this scrub as it doesn’t have the sandy type of feel like usual scrubs have but it still makes your skin feel really good. As for both of them, the smell is incredible! It basically smells like a fruity yogurt (that’s the only way i can think of describing it), but it also smells really fresh at the same time.


I shall be back again in a couple of weeks with another one of these posts, i’m sure my delivery is due next Friday and i’m gonna just do photos and write it up straight away so i don’t forget like i did with this one!

Have you tried any of the products in this months haul?? What are your thoughts??

Kirsty xx


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