Monthly goals

July goals

Hii! It feels like i haven’t wrote a post in forever! But i just put the blog on hold for a lil while and thought that a new month will bring a new organised kirsty (I’m hopeful).

Did i accomplish any of Junes goals???

Blog goals – Like i said, i kinda put the blog on hold for most of last month apart from making schedules and plans for the upcoming months, so promotion was out of the picture. I did still practice a bit with my photography, and although not great it’s got slightly better (imo anywho). The ‘blog posts i loved this week’ posts will start again from tomorrow!! I’ve still been reading blogs constantly so im looking forward to writing these posts again 🙂

Life goals – Kinda let myself down here and i only set myself 2 of the easiest goals ever 😦 I totally forgot about booking a tattoo, mainly due to lack of funds though, so i’ll use that as an excuse. It’s definitely on the agenda though! As for exercise… I am just way too lazy and need my arse kicked into gear. Though on the warmer days last month i did go on tons of countryside walks and actually climbed a few hills, so i’ll count that as progress of sorts.


Blog goals:

My main goal is to just get back into the swing of blogging again.. I’ve had a long period where I’ve just been hit and miss with posting and not really been putting my all into it, which is something I definitely want to start doing this month!

I suppose to tie in with the main goal, I want to start promoting my posts more on twitter and instagram and also make a few little changes to the layout too.

And lastly (again) is to engage more! I don’t make any effort to talk to other bloggers and that’s something I want to change. I think this is mainly because I’ll just feel like a weirdo randomly replying to tweets and stuff where people don’t know me, but I suppose that’s the whole point right?!

Life goals:

Smile and be happy! I have been in a total grumpy mood this past month and I have no idea why.. but I need to push past that and look at all the positives in my life and just smile (apparently it doesn’t cost anything).

I’ve been baking every now and then and love how relaxed I get when I do it and also I get something yummy at the end of it. So I want to start baking something at least once a week. Mainly as a form of relaxing but also I suppose as a creative outlet (in a way anyway).

This year, but mainly the past few months, I’ve just become so lazy and I don’t think that’s helping with my moods at all. So I want to keep busy (but not too busy) this month. Instead of sitting on my phone for hours I’m gonna get off my arse and do something productive.

Have you set any goals this month? Let me know if so.. and good luck!

Kirsty xx


4 thoughts on “July goals

  1. Hey! I’ve only just got back into my blog too and I completely get what you mean by feeling like a weirdo. Even replying to your post I feel like a weirdo haha! I tend not to set myself any goals cause I never stick to them and then I feel worse when I don’t do them. But I try to look at each individual day and do something productive that day, even if it’s only small! Good luck with your baking and everything 😀

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    1. I usually dont end up sticking to any goals most of the time haha though writing them on here makes me feel guilty so i end up trying that bit harder! Ooo i might have to try that! Sounds so much easier 😀 Thanks xx

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