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What’s inside July’s TreatBox?!

Hii! I am ever so excited to write this post as it has been so long since my last TreatBox (November was the last one i had)… I finally re-subscribed because i missed getting this lil box of treats every month.

July’s box is a cute ‘tropical’ theme… Pineapple, watermelon, flamingos and a whole lotta pink!

The first thing i noticed which is new since my last box in November is the packaging! Nothing majorly exciting, but they have added a plastic bag type thing over the box to stop any water damage, which is great as my postman can sometimes be a div and leave parcels etc outside in any weather condition.

Secondly, you get a cool little leaflet letting you know what is actually inside the box.


A4 Catus print
A5 Flamingo ‘Utterly fabulous’ print
‘You’re the pineapple of my eye’ pineapple pin
Flamingo & Pineapple ‘iron on’ patches
Super yummy watermelon sweets
20 straws (That are possibly too pretty to use)
‘A few of my favourite things’ clear pencil case
‘Pina Colada’ Wax melts from Simple Candle Co (Which smell frigging gorgeous)

I loved this months theme! And I’ve already ate the sweets and started to melt the Simple candle co wax melt. Now just to figure out what to do with everything else 🙂

With TreatBox you can either have the surprise monthly subscription which is £12.95 per month (but there’s also the options to do 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions).

TreatBox also have a ‘build your own box‘ which are really cool as i did one a while ago for a friends birthday! These start from only £13.95 and you get to choose what goes in and they make the box look so pretty too!

Let me know your thoughts! If you’re subscribed to TreatBox or have been before, or even if you’ve built your own box!

Also, are there any other subscription boxes you are or have been subscribed to that you love??

Kirsty xx


2 thoughts on “What’s inside July’s TreatBox?!

  1. Oh wow! These are such a good idea, I’ve only ever heard of beauty subscription boxes, how have I never heard of these before?! I’ll definitely be checking them out! Lovely photos and post girl 💖
    Pippa –

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