Morphe 25B Bronzed Mocha palette : My thoughts & swatches

Hii! So a few weeks ago i thought i’d buy my first ever Morphe palette! But, not really knowing what the shadows would be like i opted for one of the ‘smaller’ palettes that i found on BeautyBay! What i will add is that thank god beauty bay package things so well, as the stupid delivery bloke decided it would be ok to lob the box over my fence into the middle of my garden 😦

Anyway, Bronzed Mocha caught my eye as i am a ‘nude’ girl and i love my neutral and brown shades and this looked like it would be something i used often. Also, this palette is only £19 (that may not seem like much, but this is the first palette I’ve bought that was more than a tenner).

It has 25 shades – 6 deeper shimmers, 3 slightly there shimmers and 16 matte shades. Including nudes, oranges, golds, plums and obviously browns.

I’ve been using this palette on pretty much a day to day basis and have created a few different ‘looks’ with just this palette. (I’ll let you know my favourite / go-to shades under each of the swatches!) They are really pigmented and stay on my eyes all day.. even when i had bloody leaky eyes from crappy hay fever! And also they blend like a dream, which i found out when i put waay too much on my brush!


So it came in a black ‘sleeve’ type box thing, which i just threw, and the front is basically just a clear see through plastic case.


Pretty much the same (though you can see the finger marks in random colours that i couldn’t possibly wait 5 minutes to swatch). Each ‘pan’ is about the size of a 10p coin.


On the first row you have the more lighter neutral tones.. The last two have been used pretty much daily, and they are basically just a lighter orange colour, although the end shade definitely has a pinky tone to it.


On the second row i have been loving the first orangy shade which I’ve been using in my crease along with the second to last brown colour, which is actually a bit more lighter than on the swatch now that I’ve used it a couple of times.


I am literally in love with all of this row! The first three shades I’ve been using either in the centre as a halo effect thing, in the inner corner and actually over the whole lid at one point with the third shade. I’ve tended to shy away from the last two darker shades, but i reckon they will look beaut on the outer corner or all over the lid.


This row hasn’t seen much use from me just yet. Though i have been using the first and third brown shades at some point for the outer corners of my eyes. The last shade looks super pretty swatched but not so much in the pan and i forgot it looks much more better on! So i may have to try that one soon.


Aaand the final row. Again this row hasn’t seen much use from me either as I’ve only done ‘day’ looks with this palette so far. But that burgundy plum shade looks gorgeous and i know ill use this when we come into the winter months!


Overall i am in love with the 25B palette. I’ve cast aside all my other palettes and have been using this everyday for the past few weeks, so i am definitely getting my moneys worth, and i cant wait to try some of the darker shades when i eventually have a night out or when we get to the colder months.

The Morphe 25B Bronzed Mocha palette is on Beauty Bay for just £19!!

Now i just need to decide which Morphe palette i will be purchasing next! So if you have any recommendations of which one i should try next just holla!!

Also, let me know which fav shades you like the look of from this palette 🙂

Kirsty xx


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