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Catch up!

Hii! Really long time no speak… The last post i published was in the middle of July …… Soo a good while ago (oops). Life has got in the way (well, not quite got in the way, but taken over pretty much) and as xoxokiki is pretty much just a hobby for me it took a total back seat while i focused on myself and my family.

Soo whats been happening?? Not a whole lot really.. The kids have been off for the six weeks, so it has been pretty hectic trying to keep 3 children busy 24/7 but we’ve had loads of fun days out as the weather actually hasn’t been to bad lately for a change. I’m just totally thankful that they are going back to school next week as i need at least 2 mins peace and quiet.

I’ve not personally been up to that much really apart from reading a shit ton of books, spending more money than i have and desperately looking for a job. I’m hoping that starting to write and stuff for here will give me the kick up the arse i need as I’ve lost all motivation and to be honest i actually miss it.

Last week i became a proud mummy of 2 little kittens who are so frigging adorable, even when they pouncing round the room and jumping on my head… Meet Cecil and Peppa…


Ooo if you haven’t noticed already i had the slightest little makeover and also have a new header 😀


With this surge of motivation, as i usually do, i went out, bought a diary and came up with a brand new schedule (woop)… Yeh yeh, i know I’ve said things about schedules and shit before and how determined i am to keep them (and never do)… But i feel that this is the last time for me to try and stick at blogging i suppose and being organised can only help in this i suppose. But anywho, this is what i came up with….

Monthly goals on the 1st and Monthly favourites on the 30th/31st   //   Book reviews on the 5th   //   Recipes/Baking on the 9th and 25th   //   Ebay review/testing on the 13th and 28th   //   Etsy spotlight on the 16th   //   Domestic violence on the 19th   //   Craft/Diy on the 22nd   //   Budget beauty every Wednesday   //   Blog posts i loved this week every Sunday!

So hopefully this is me ‘back on it’ and i really do hope i can stick to it this time (yes everybody needs a break at some point and i might, but that’s not the point) and not cock it up i guess. I have loads of posts pre planned and half written out, so i think if i at least stay half ahead of myself i should be fine.

Although i have planned a good few I am still pretty shit at thinking of post ideas, so if you do have any thoughts of types of posts you’d like to see just let me know 😀

Kirsty xx


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