Monthly goals

September goals

Hii! I honestly can’t believe that it is already September! This year has really flown by in a total blur.. But i really can’t wait for the up coming colder months where i can just snuggle under a blanket with a hot chocolate reading a book!

As the last goals i set were June/July time i won’t look back on those and I’ll just jump into my goals for this month.

Blog goals

* Enjoy it – Before i had this month or so long break, I was finding blogging more of a chore, I felt like i had to post and was always got worried and stressed when i didn’t (though looking back now i don’t really see why as i haven’t got that huge of a readership and no one probably cared or noticed anyway). So this time around i just want to start enjoying it again, as i really love writing about what i do or don’t like and just everything that comes with blogging i guess.

* Think of new (preferably exciting) post ideas – I always find coming up with new and exciting post ideas quite difficult as it’s either been done before, is a review of sorts or just really not that exciting. So of course I’ve planned a few posts in advance but i really want to try and think of posts people would like to read and that would jump out at them.

* Up my photography – I say this every single month, but i do really want to improve on my photography, as pictures are always what draws me into reading other peoples posts. Also i just want to get better in general as i want to buy a new camera soon and i want the purchase to be worthwhile.

Life goals

* Focus on the positives – I’ve been doing good at this one lately and feel so much better for it. If i am having a down day (which there’s a lot of) I’ll just focus on the positives in my life and my mood gradually gets better (unfortunately I’ve not found the magic cure for turning despair to happiness within seconds… I am looking though). So this month i want to keep doing that as i have a lot to be greatfull for.

* Try and be ‘phone free’ in the evenings – Not all evening I can’t handle that.. But from when the kids are home from school until bed time I am determined to put my phone on silent and put it to the side and spend all that time with my kids, they are growing up way to fast (my eldest is 10 already! ). And then also about an hour before bed so i can just relax. I had a period last month where i didn’t have my phone or social media and I will be honest and say it was such a peaceful week (I thought I’d go mad without it but i was actually ok).

* Hurry my arse up and get a job – Ugh i am literally so sick and tired of being constantly at home with nothing to do and i just really want to get back to work as i think a year has been way too much time to be out of work. This past month I’ve been applying and applying (and not actually getting anywhere), so i need to ‘review’ my CV again and just keep trying i guess.

* Start shopping for Christmas – I am determined to start early this year and not leave it all to last minute like i always do and get stressed out of my head about it. I’ve already made people’s lists, I just need to hope that my children don’t change their minds about anything that they’ve told me they’ve wanted already (if they do i suppose it’s just tough shit haha).

For once i actually think I’m gonna smash this months goals! Do you have any goals this month?? If so let me know and i hope you smash them too!

Kirsty xx


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