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Aand I quit….

Hii! This has been a long time coming post i think. I have been trying my hardest to ‘be a blogger’ and i don’t think i’m cut out for it really.

I don’t have the motivation, the creativity or anything really that comes with blogging. I hate promoting posts and trying to get views. I’m not a ‘people person’ so i find it difficult to join in twitter chats and talk to other bloggers. I just can’t do it anymore. It’s not like i don’t have the time.. I mean there are bloggers out there who work or study full time, have a family and still manage to fit in a blog post and amazing pictures at least once a week and i really do applaud them.. But they find the time because it’s their passion, they love it… And that makes me realise that i just don’t. My heart isn’t in it and i always find excuses to not write a post or leave it until last minute and make a shit job out of it.

I’m not saying i won’t ever blog again… Who knows?! All creativity and passion may come and smack me in the face one day. But right now i just find it a chore and I’m not personally gaining anything from it.

I want to post selfies and family photos that aren’t all too great on Instagram and not worry about the amount of likes it gets. I want to aimlessly scroll through twitter and tweet random shit and not worry about it getting any likes or re-tweets.

There are so many amazing blogs!! And i am still going to be reading them all the time, following them on social media and cheering them on… But blogging isn’t me…. I don’t actually have a ‘thing’.. I’m not good at anything and haven’t found anything that i have a passion for and i really hope to god i do one day… I think i’ve just got to find out what that thing is 🙂

So, goodbye for now… I’ll still keep xoxokiki up and running incase i feel like doing the odd random post here and there. I’ll still be on social media and I’ll still be cheering on all the amazing bloggers that are out there doing what they love and what they’re amazing at!

Kirsty xx


4 thoughts on “Aand I quit….

    1. It’s been 10 days and I miss it already… I think that’s the whole point, I was trying to blog for everyone else and not me… I may dip back into it but focus less on everyone else and more one me x


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