Monthly goals

October goals 2017

Hii!! I know, I know, I said not long ago that ‘I quit’, but I just couldn’t stay away for long. What I will say is that if I decide to ‘quit’ or ‘take a break’ again, I’m just gonna do it and not say anything because I’m always gonna end up coming back and writing the odd blog post.

I’ve had a few people say to me that blogging should just be for me and that’s the reason why they blog, not for the followers etc, that I lamely tried to attempt to get. As I’ve said many a time, ‘I’ am the reason that i started to blog! I don’t do deadlines, I don’t do routine, and I obviously don’t do schedules either as god knows how many times I’ve attempted to stick to one of those.

From now on there are no promises, no strict routines or schedules that I’ll never stick to and no counting numbers (ok, maybe I’ll still worry about numbers occasionally, but hey ho). Just me, writing shit about whatever, whenever the hell I want. Starting with some goals (Cause we all know how I love to write them down and never accomplish them).


* Start for Christmas    I was supposed to start last month, but holiday and bills and all that prevented me from doing so… I have wrote vague lists for everyone and I’ve already seen a few bits I want to pick up for people already.

*Make going to the gym a regular thing    So me and my friend have signed up to the gym! I have never been to the gym. I’m literally bricking it. But I do actually have the motivation for a change! I’ve signed up for a few classes and I also plan to go when the kids are in school and I have fuck all else to do (until someone kindly decides to offer me a job). I’m just constantly tired, never have any energy and also I have a few ‘wobbly’ bits that I want to tone. Also, I’m thinking new ‘gym gear’ will motivate me even more.

*Job Job Job   Ugh! This whole applying for jobs thing is getting super tiring and I’ve started to literally just apply for anything and everything. It has been a year since I left my previous job and I have been constantly looking and applying ever since, but no one apparently wants me 😦 The Jobcentre is a load of shite, they don’t help at all, the only advice I’ve received is to “keep applying and someone will hire you”… So, yeah, keep on looking, and keep crossing my fingers.

*Paint my nails once a week   The smallest goal ever, but I used to paint them religiously every Tuesday night (no idea why a Tuesday), but it was 20 minutes ‘me time’ where I could chill and obviously have pretty nails after!

And those are my goals for this month! I’ve made them super duper easy this time around, so if I don’t smash them then I have no clue what’s wrong with me.

Do you have any goals for October??? Let me know 🙂

Kirsty xx


2 thoughts on “October goals 2017

  1. Yay! So glad to see you back. Don’t feel like you have to stick to any kind of schedule or whatever; just do you 🙂 Great goals – I studied Criminology at university and it was honestly such an interesting course, I’m sure you will love it! But also, be prepared for some ickiness – one of our exams in the forensics module was to examine a fake crime scene, with real (pigs) blood and real maggots. Eww! If you want to talk about your course anytime, my DM is always open – @aimeeraindrop 🙂


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