Makeup Revolution Flawless 4 palette! First impressions & swatches!

Hii! So i recently saw that Makeup Revolution brought out a new Flawless palette! I may be a bit behind but seen as I have the Flawless 3 (which I did a review on here) i thought I may as well get the 4th… Now I’ve just got to get the original and number two.


Like the Flawless 3 palette it has a cute mirrored coppery colour case, though I noticed that it’s slightly less shiny than the last case… but still just as pretty…. apart from all the finger prints that are now on it seen as I’ve used it a few times.
In this palette you get 32 shades…. 18 matte and 14 shimmer. That range from golds to pinks to browns and oranges.
Statement // Bloom // Hotter // Muted
Cardinal // Palette Whistle // Control // Spin
Dahlia // Blush // Bittersweet // Glowing
Down boy // Candle // Cerise // Garnet
Sunday // On top // Baby // Hair down
Drop //  Hold me // Ouch // Blend
Kisses // Pastel // Crimson // Not today
Rock me // Dense // Burn it // Work it

As usual a lot of the matte shades aren’t so pigmented but you can definitely build them up. The shimmers are all amazing. But what definitely made me happy was how pigmented the black shadow is, although I might not use it, I haven’t got a black eyeshadow in any other palette (that i can think of anyway), and it would be great in a darker ‘smokey eye’ look, or even as a ‘dull’ liner.

I’m really impressed with this palette and have already used it a few times already. My favourite shades right now are candle and drop, which i use as a crease/transition shade. Hair down which is a peachy brown and on top which is a peachy red, these two look great together. And lastly dense which is a kind of shimmery copper colour.

Overall i am in love, and over the past few days (along with my morphe 25B bronzed mocha palette) has become one of my go-to daily plattes 🙂

Have you got the Flawless 4 palette?? If so let me know your go-to colours that you use!

Kirsty xx


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