2018 goals

Hii! God it has been so long since I last wrote a post! 2017 (for me) was stressful and busy but the type where I don’t really have much to show for it. It was a time where I started to discover myself and become more confident in who I am. It was a year where I started to learn to not give a fuck. It was a year of (mostly) happiness and learning.

I am super excited to see what this next year brings and as per I have wrote some goals (Woo!) that to me are pretty big, but I have actually broken them down for myself and plopped them into my diary as little achievements to create the big one.

Be happy

You’d think this would be the most easy one, but for me being happy is a all rounder main goal. Of course most of the time I am happy, I’ve been far more happier in the past year and half than I have been in a long time. This goal is more about doing things that make me happy and sometimes being a little bit selfish and putting my happiness before other peoples.

Grow my self-esteem and confidence

This will be the hardest of them all. I have little (if at all any) self-esteem and my confidence is still at a low (although it has grown slightly). This is also the one where I haven’t split it into smaller goals to help me out, so at this moment in time I have no clue how I’m going to achieve this but I have determination (so that counts for something right?!)

Meditation, Yoga & Minimalism

(How is this a goal?!….. It’s not a goal per say, just something i want to look into and incorporate in my daily routine this year)

For the past 2 weeks (ish) I’ve been setting a time first thing in the morning and before bed for 10 minutes of breathing meditation. You’d be surprised but so far so good, it has given me more calm for the day ahead and it’s helped me have better nights sleep.

I know of a lot of benefits that you can get from all three in this goal and my main goal right now is to look into each one of them, slowly incorporate them into my life and hopefully see the benefits.

Become more healthy

This was going to be the whole ‘loose weight’ goal… but I decided that I am not going to focus on my size this year, just my health.

I currently smoke and drink solely energy drinks <– This is what needs to stop.

I’ve picked up a vape thing and I’m hoping that switching the smoking habit to another habit that will keep me busy will help me through it… Also the fact that at the minute it’s a £35 a week habit! So that money will now be going straight in my savings account.

I’ve been addicted to energy drinks since I was in my late teens and I know full well there is zero benefits.. I don’t get any energy from them and to be honest I’ve started to dislike the taste too. But if I go for a small period without I get the most excruciating headaches. So, water it shall be from now on!

Also, if I can walk somewhere then I’m gonna be walking (e.g. School runs, the shop etc)

Pass my first year of Uni and enroll onto my second

If you didn’t already know I started a Criminology and law degree through the Open University. I started in October and although it has been slightly stressful, I have really enjoyed it! So my goal is to pass my first year and then enroll for my second year. I’m thinking of doing a post on this, as there are a lot of ‘University posts’ but I don’t think I’ve seen one on either the Open Uni or distance learning (though correct me if I am wrong and send the link my way).

Learn to drive and pass (and get a car)

I’ve been wanting to drive for such a long time, mainly because I hate having to rely on other people (mainly my boyfriend) when I want to go somewhere. I will be booking my theory test next week so i can get that out of the way first and then I can just concentrate on learning to drive, and i am so so excited.

Save money

I say this every single year…. Buuut with me quitting smoking and energy drinks, any penny I would’ve spent on them is going straight into my savings account, so that will be quite a chunk.

Find a job

I am still unemployed and still so desperately bored during the day when the kids are at school. Yes I do have uni to contend with, but as it is home-based it can easily be catered to around a job and family. I’ve already tweeked my cv, so now it’s just time to start applying and hope for the best.

Become more interactive and social

This one i think will definitely help with the whole confidence thing. I get so scared when I talk to someone new or just comment on someones instagram post and always worry what they will think or say. But this year i say ‘fuck it’… I am going to get out of my little bubble of comfort, start talking to people, start commenting on peoples posts (on any form of social media) and generally just getting a voice and hopefully make some new friends along the way.


And those are my goals for 2018!!

I have a few more but this post is definitely long enough as it is and these ones are the main ones that I want to focus more on.

I think I’ll still do monthly goals that tie in with these every month to keep me on track. But I am looking forward to 2018 and seeing what it brings and also what I can accomplish. I have a sudden spark of motivation and cannot wait to get started.

If you’re reading this….. Happy new year!! I wish you all the happiness in the world and you’re gonna smash this year.

Kirsty xx

P.s Let me know what your goals are for this year are (if you have any).


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