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Update (I’m still alive)

Hiiiii! Oh my gosh, it feels like forever since I have written a blog post or even for that matter logged onto it to check its progress or anything like that. I have been totally, near enough, off the grid since the beginning of the year when I wrote my 2018 goals post.

So after watching random YouTube videos I thought I would do an ‘update’ kinda post, and try and get back into the swing of things on here because I pretty much have no hobbies (or do anything slightly interesting for that matter).

So what have I been up to??? In a sum, not a lot. I’ve been catching up on uni work as I am slightly way behind and it has been giving me the hugest headache too, as I am one of those people where nothing will stick in my brain at all, so it takes even longer to learn new things.

I’ve read a total of 13 books so far! All of which were amazing and I really wish that I had the time and energy to write reviews on them… Though I am thinking of doing a ‘what I have read this month’ kind of post just to highlight them all… and from here on out, write regular book reviews whenever I finish a book.

I have bought tons of plants that I have no room or any pots for… My bedroom currently has 13 plants (plants, not flowers as they always seem to die so quickly on me) and I’ve found that having a near on jungle in my bedroom is so relaxing, literally the greenness of my room keeps me half sane.

I really want to start writing about mental health… Though this is something that’ll be way off as I think that any post I write about the topic (as of this minute) would just be a huge rant about how shit my brain and emotions are, and I don’t think that would be helpful to anyone really (including me) so these will probably take some planning. But these past 2 months has been a whirlwind for my mind, my emotions have been going crazy and I need to find a way to kind of get to grips with them myself before I think I can shed any light on the subject.

What else??? Umm.. My birthday was last week! I turned the grand old age of 26 and spent my birthday morning blitzing the house (which I strangely found quite fun/relaxing).

And that is about it I think… Now I am off to make a pot noodle (Chicken & mushroom with the sweetcorn picked out), write a plan of sorts for future posts and try and cram in some uni work / fall asleep at my desk 😀

If you are reading this, I hope you have had an amazing day and thank you for reading (I will write more posts soon and more often I promise)

Kirsty xxxx


2 thoughts on “Update (I’m still alive)

  1. I definitely need to get more plants, it seems so relaxing to have around! And good luck with your mental health posts – I’ve done a couple, and they’re definitely tricky 😊 Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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