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About me…….

God I have no idea where to start! So, the basics… Hi! My name’s Kirsty, I am 26, live in Derby, have a boyfriend and 3 kids.

What else… Umm, if you read this blog more than once, then you’ll probably get to know me a lot better.. If not then a few facts for you:

I am addicted to energy drinks (quite literally)… I am a survivor of domestic violence (10 years with a complete knob, I have a few posts on it, it got worse before it got better)… Currently jobless (don’t think anyone wants to hire me at this rate)… Trying to work my way through a criminology & law degree (1st year and failing miserably, so perhaps its not for me)… I am an avid reader (if i could be locked in a room with unlimited books for the rest of my life I totally would)… My kids are little turds, but I love them more than words could describe… My boyfriend amazingly puts up with my moodswings, forgetfulness and shitty attitude, he is just great all around (even though he does my head in 40-70% of the time)… I procrastinate so bloody much (which is why I probably don’t ever get anything done)…

That’s about it I think… Want to know anything else?? Have a gander through my posts or just ask me 😀

Me on a good day! Ok extra good day! I usually look like complete crap *eye roll*


If you want to get in touch for any reason at all, you can do on any of these below…

Twitter.. @_xoxokiki_

Instagram.. xoxokiki2

Pinterest.. xoxokiki

Email.. xoxokiki2@outlook.com

Or you could comment anywhere on here that you choose 🙂



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