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If you came here for reviews on anything costing over £20 you’ve definitely come to the wrong place.

About the girl behind the blog (swear I’ve read that line somewhere before, so i’m sorry if I’ve nicked it off you)… My name is Kirsty, I’m 25 a mother of three and cheap as fuck. I perhaps swear too much for my own good and eat waay too much junk food that i’m surprised i haven’t blown up like Violet from Charlie and the chocolate factory.

I am a survivor of domestic violence of which i was in the relationship for nearly 10 years, so you’ll see the odd post pop up from time to time, and this is also the reason for my shyness and total lack of self confidence.

Even though i have 3 children and i love them to death, you probably wont see any parenting tips on xoxokiki because, to be honest, I’m just winging it when it comes to that part of my life, I’ll take all the advice i can get but i wont be dishing any out I’m afraid.


xoxokiki is a mixture of all sorts, budget beauty, book reviews and random other posts too. I started xoxokiki because i needed a place to get away from everyday life and just write about anything i wanted.

If there is anything you’d like to know or even want to see me write about, just let me know 🙂 I  know i look and seem like a really unapproachable person (i don’t know why, but apparently i do) but that’s really not the case and i love hearing from and chatting to people who read my posts.


If you want to get in touch for any reason at all, you can do on any of these below…

Twitter.. @_xoxokiki_

Instagram.. xoxokiki2

Pinterest.. xoxokiki

Email.. kirsty_coope@outlook.com

Or you could comment anywhere on here that you choose 🙂



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