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What’s inside July’s TreatBox?!

Hii! I am ever so excited to write this post as it has been so long since my last TreatBox (November was the last one i had)... I finally re-subscribed because i missed getting this lil box of treats every month. July's box is a cute 'tropical' theme... Pineapple, watermelon, flamingos and a whole lotta… Continue reading What’s inside July’s TreatBox?!

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Blog posts I loved this week #10 (Fathers day gift guides!)

Hii! My god have i missed writing these posts, it has been far too long since i last shared which blog posts I've been loving. But i am back on it, and seen as next Sunday is fathers day, i thought i would show you all the great gift guides I've come across this past… Continue reading Blog posts I loved this week #10 (Fathers day gift guides!)

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Pinterest recipe: cookie dough brownies

Hii! I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the worlds greatest baker (or cook for that matter), but I do love the process of baking, it's so relaxing and you get something yummy (mostly) at the end of it.. even if you do make a great mess from doing it. Anywho, I found… Continue reading Pinterest recipe: cookie dough brownies

Pinterest recipes & crafts

Pinterest recipe: Lemon cupcakes with jam filling!

Hii! As promised I am sticking to my schedule and series, so I had a scroll through Pinterest for an easy recipe and came across one for lemon cupcakes with a raspberry jam filling! Super duper easy and they actually turned out really great to say I can't cook/bake for shit. INGREDIENTS For the Cupcakes:… Continue reading Pinterest recipe: Lemon cupcakes with jam filling!

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The procrastinating beauty blogger tag!

Hii! As it's Friday it's meant to be 'budget beauty' day and I totally forgot about it, so off I went in search of a 'beauty blogger' tag, and stumbled across this one over on Fee's blog makeupsavvy! Rules: 1. You must copy and paste these 'rules' onto your post when you write it, it doesn't… Continue reading The procrastinating beauty blogger tag!