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October goals 2017

Hii!! I know, I know, I said not long ago that 'I quit', but I just couldn't stay away for long. What I will say is that if I decide to 'quit' or 'take a break' again, I'm just gonna do it and not say anything because I'm always gonna end up coming back and… Continue reading October goals 2017

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Aand I quit….

Hii! This has been a long time coming post i think. I have been trying my hardest to 'be a blogger' and i don't think i'm cut out for it really. I don't have the motivation, the creativity or anything really that comes with blogging. I hate promoting posts and trying to get views. I'm… Continue reading Aand I quit….


Morphe 25B Bronzed Mocha palette : My thoughts & swatches

Hii! So a few weeks ago i thought i'd buy my first ever Morphe palette! But, not really knowing what the shadows would be like i opted for one of the 'smaller' palettes that i found on BeautyBay! What i will add is that thank god beauty bay package things so well, as the stupid… Continue reading Morphe 25B Bronzed Mocha palette : My thoughts & swatches

Subscription Boxes

What’s inside July’s TreatBox?!

Hii! I am ever so excited to write this post as it has been so long since my last TreatBox (November was the last one i had)... I finally re-subscribed because i missed getting this lil box of treats every month. July's box is a cute 'tropical' theme... Pineapple, watermelon, flamingos and a whole lotta… Continue reading What’s inside July’s TreatBox?!